Shortcutting the Cleaning Process

The last couple of years, there’s been an interesting evolution at work in the homes of many Americans. After years of conspicuous consumption during the McMansion years, a growing number of consumers are now looking to lighten up their households and their lives. This is happening in the form of decluttering initiatives, downsizing to smaller homes, and limiting the number of items they choose to bring into the home.

For some, the initiative began as a way to bring clutter under control in an attempt to make clean-up within the home quicker and easier. Others took on a decluttering challenge as a way to make room for other things in their life. By holding on to less stuff and removing the extraneous junk, individuals can make way for more quality things both tangible (high-end home elements) and intangible such as travel.

Quality over Quantity

An accompaniment of the downsizing/decluttering initiative is a change in the size of homes in terms of square footage. Although square footage is significantly smaller, many homes retain a number of high-end interior additions such as granite counter tops, marble backsplashes and the smartest new technology. It’s the same luxury on a much smaller scale. One bonus of committing to this kind of downsizing is that luxury additions then become a natural focal point within the home.

As a result of decluttering, beautiful granite or natural stone countertops chosen for their beautiful color and flow are less likely to be covered up with piles of paperwork, stacks of dishes or multiple kitchen gadgets. Because of space consideration in a smaller footprint, there’s typically only a handful of things, all of which have passed the test of being both useful and beautiful.

Tips to Create a Clutter-Free Environment

  • Pick up and put away items before going to sleep at night
  • Consolidate papers, junk mail and correspondence by going electronic
  • Keep surfaces clear by putting things away immediately after using them
  • Downsize on multiples to free up space and the need to find new storage

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