Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer penetrates deeply and bonds with your natural stone surfaces to provide long-lasting and natural-looking protection against stains, moisture, and other hazards. Our Granite & Stone Sealer gives your countertops and other natural stone surfaces a layer of protection that helps keep them looking and performing their best year after year. Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer:

  • Penetrates deeply to bond with natural stone to provide a long-lasting barrier against moisture and stains.
  • Has a water-based formula that is safe for all natural stone surfaces, as well as grout.
  • Can cover up to 100 square feet of natural stone with just one bottle!

When properly applied, Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer provides a long-lasting and natural-looking barrier against stains and other hazards and can help keep your natural stone countertops and other surfaces looking their best for years to come. For best performance, we recommend that most natural stone surfaces be re-sealed every six to 12 months. If you’re unsure whether your countertop needs to be re-sealed, you can conduct a test by sprinkling the surface with water. If the water beads up, then your seal is still good. If the water spreads out and seeps into the surface, causing it to darken, then it’s time to apply another coat of Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer.

Regularly sealing your countertops and other surfaces will give them an added layer of protection, but in order to keep them looking as good as new, we also recommend our fast-drying Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish!


Regularly sealing your granite and other natural stone countertops and surfaces can help protect them from stains, moisture, and other hazards. Granite and most other natural stone surfaces are extremely durable, but like all natural surfaces, they are also porous, allowing them to absorb spills and stains over time. By regularly applying Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer, you are giving your stone surfaces an added layer of protection to keep them looking their best.



Before applying Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer, we first recommend removing any debris from the area and then cleaning thoroughly with Granite & Quartz Cleaner. Once your natural stone surfaces are sealed, it is safe to use any of our products, including our Granite & Quartz Polish. After cleaning, here’s how to apply our Sealer:

  1. Shake can well.
  2. Test on a small and inconspicuous portion of your natural stone surface.
  3. Ensure that the surface you’re treating is clean and dry before sealing.
  4. Hold the can six to eight inches from the surface and spray Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner on the desired area.
  5. Let stand two to three minutes and then wipe dry using clean cotton or paper towels.
  6. Allow an additional 30 minutes for Sealer to dry completely.


Check out this helpful article from the fine folks at Bob Vila ™.

**Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer is a Fluoroaliphatic-water based solution.

granite cleaner aerosol can design

Ever wonder what that small red dot is doing on your aerosol can? It’s not just there for decoration or a signal code for the production line.

That small dot, located on the lip of the valve component (or chime), has a true purpose for the end-user’s benefit.

If you align the spray nozzle hole to the red dot when using the product, you will obtain its optimum product performance. The reason is based on the characteristics of an aerosol’s design and the interior function that is hidden from view.

Aerosol cans are cylindrical and the dip tubes that deliver the product to the spray tip are not. What you can’t see inside the can is how the dip tube has a distinct curvature. As the dip tube is inserted into the top assembly, it is placed so the curvature reaches into the area of the can that will extract the full amount of product.

Get the most out of the pressurized aerosol can by aligning the nozzle with the dot, as well as tilting the can forward a bit.