Finding the Perfect Color Match

In preparation for a remodeling project it’s helpful to remember to keep an open mind and also be prepared to ask and answer a lot of questions. Somewhat like the inner workings of a three-year-old’s mind, one question inevitably leads to another and in the process there are also a number of questions that might not have an answer until much, much later.

One of the biggest questions stems from the abundance of choice. The ability to have such a number of options is at once exciting and paralyzing. Take for example the choice of granite. Mother Nature has done an incredible job of creating some of the most amazing color palates complete with flecks, veining and sparkles. Now it’s up to you to choose one. After that’s complete, then it’s time to choose the color for the walls. Before you paint though, it’s worthwhile to ask yourself a couple of questions before grabbing the brush.

How is the stone used? If the natural stone countertop or backsplash is the focal point of the room, it’s best to choose a color for the walls and cabinets that won’t compete. Start with your favorite element in the room and build a color scheme from there. There are also a number of partnerships between granite and paint companies that can help match granite and paint with the click of a mouse.

What color jumps out first? Most natural stones have a never-ending variety of flecks of color and shade variations. This is what gives each stone its unique profile. When looking at these color variations, what shade jumps out to the eye first? Make a mental note of it because that color can be a good place to begin your color search.

Contrast or Consistency? Whether you’re looking to achieve a look that says cool and contemporary or warm and rustic, color choice can set the mood. Light on light helps achieve a bright and airy feel while light vs dark (granite or cabinets) creates an edgy spotlight on one particular element. If you’re somewhere in the middle, look to complement the granite with a dominant color and an accent color.

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