Choosing Consistency or Movement in Granite

Depending on how long you live in your home, there’s a good chance that you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate a number of precious milestones within its walls. From birthdays and anniversaries to home remodeling projects designed to update or add a new addition, there’s no limit to the memories one can make within the home.

Interestingly though, many of the items that we choose for the decoration of our homes such as granite and natural stone have lifetimes of their own, created by Mother Nature over millennia. Found in mountain ranges throughout the world, granite is the result of the eruption and cooling of volcanoes. Over time, these materials harden into an extremely tough and durable material. In the formation process, sections of granite collect minerals from the surrounding area. Heavy minerals such as gold sink while lighter materials rise to the surface.

Perfection by Nature – Consistent vs Variegated

The time-intensive formation process is why each piece of granite is unique. Even within the same piece there can be a multitude of variations because of different colors and minerals. Depending on the look you want to create within your home, you might choose granite with a consistent pattern or one with movement in the veining.

If you’re looking to create a streamlined appearance it will be easier to accomplish with a granite slab containing the same pattern throughout. This will make it easier to join multiple slabs with seams. If you’d like a more unique and personal look, a variegated pattern can be its own showstopper. Be aware though that the color variations and veining within variegated patterns require more time and materials to create the seaming.

Whatever granite you choose, it should “speak” to you and become the perfect focal point in your home. A decision this important should also include consideration into how to maintain the integrity of the beautiful stone. When cleaning, always avoid the use acidic or abrasive materials and wipe up all spills immediately. Acidic foods and drinks include citrus or fruit juice, tomatoes and tomato sauce, soda, beer, hard liquor, mustard and coffee.

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