Why is Special Care Needed for Natural Stone?

Whether it’s installed on a floor, shower or bath, or kitchen or bathroom counter, natural stone can provide a beautiful and distinctive look to any home. One thing that makes natural stone so special is the sheer uniqueness of the look. Something that’s been specially created by Mother Nature can be difficult to reproduce! It is also these special qualities that make natural stone additions more expensive than composite or laminate options. Differences in the look and feel of particular stones can be attributed to the porosity of the stone. The porosity of a stone relates to its mineral content and how it was originally formed geologically.

Natural stones are considered to be either siliceous or calcareous. If you have granite countertops, vanities or sinks in your home, you have a siliceous stone. These natural stones are composed of silica or quartz-like particles that provide durability and easy cleaning. Granite, quartzite, bluestone, slate, sandstone and brownstone all fit into the siliceous category. Homes with marble, onyx, travertine or limestone have calcareous stone. A genuine calcareous stone will bubble at the surface when a drop of acid is applied.

In addition to an incredible diversity of options such as granite, sandstone, bluestone, marble, brownstone and quartzite, natural stone is available in a variety of finishes like honed, polished and lippage. If you’re looking for your natural stone to shine and reflect the light, look for a polished stone finish. Polished stone finishes are identified by how they can emphasize the natural colors and markings of a stone. If you desire a smooth finish without the light-reflecting qualities, a honed polish might be more your style. Honed finishes are a good choice for high-traffic areas such a floors, stairs and furniture where a high gloss could be difficult to maintain over time. If the polished or honed finishes are a little too “polished” for your décor, a lippage finish can be an interesting alternative. Lippage finishes feature one edge that is slightly higher, giving the surface an uneven finish. For those who are looking for a more distressed or rustic look, try an antique brushed finish.

Once you decide on the natural stone that best suits your needs and decorating requirements, it’s important to think about the best way to care for your natural stone, because this is an investment worth protecting. Resist using traditional kitchen, home and bath cleaners on the natural stone. These can contain acid components or tiny granules that could damage the surface of the natural stone as well as break down any polish or sealants on the surface.

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