Why are Granite Countertops so Popular?

Granite remains an incredibly popular option for kitchen and bathroom countertops, though if you look around you may find a small number of people who seem almost eager to start declaring that granite has “had its day.” This may be because the popularity of granite countertops has recently reached an all-time high. Partly thanks to the success of HGTV and celebrity cooking shows, more and more “average homeowners” were introduced to the beauty, durability, and functionality of granite, which led to a rise in demand. Add that to the fact that granite is more affordable than ever, and you can see why granite’s popularity is high enough that a few people might like to see it get taken down a notch or two.

Whether granite remains at the heights of popularity it has currently reached or not, granite countertops are here to stay. Granite boasts a lot of advantages as a countertop option that other alternatives can’t match. Granite is durable and long-lasting, resistant to cracks and stains, and because it is a natural stone, every piece is truly unique. Granite is also flexible in its responses to heat and cold, making it particularly suited to activities like rolling out dough.

Among people who balk at granite countertops, the most often-cited reason for their hesitation is the perceived difficulty of maintaining granite. While granite is more durable and stain-resistant than other types of countertop materials, it isn’t impervious to damage, and can be expensive to repair. Fortunately, the difficulties of caring for granite have been largely overstated. With the right tools, caring for granite can be an easy and even pleasant activity, and one that will guarantee a long life for your countertops.

The main thing to remember when caring for granite countertops is that you can’t use just any household cleaner on them if you want them to maintain their natural finish and beauty. Most household cleaners have high acid content, abrasive materials, or bleaching agents that can damage your natural stone countertops. Using a specially-formulated granite cleaner is the first step to maintaining your granite countertops for a lifetime.

Rock Doctor makes a line of products designed to care for granite and marble, as well as tile, grout, and even stainless steel! All of Rock Doctor’s products are non-acidic and non-abrasive, and safe for any natural stone surface. Our granite cleaner is the perfect choice to keep your granite look clean and spotless, while our granite polish and granite sealer can help maintain the beauty of your granite countertops for years to come.

One more reason why the popularity of granite isn’t likely to go away: As one of the most durable countertop materials around, granite lasts a really long time. That means that it can not only make your kitchen beautiful and functional, but it can increase the resale value of your house, or serve your family for generations. That’s an investment that deserves to be taken care of, and Rock Doctor products can help you do just that!

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