The Ultimate Guide to Quartzite Countertops

When you are looking into replacing kitchen countertops, you may struggle to decide which material you want for your countertops. As a homeowner, you will want to choose a countertop material that looks nice and will hold up to years of use. With all of the choices out there, it can be hard to make a decision. One of the most underrated countertop material options is quartzite. It seems that many homeowners don’t know much about this option, so Rock Doctor is here to help!


Granite often gets all the credit for being a durable countertop material. Just because granite is durable doesn’t mean that other countertops aren’t. In fact, quartzite isn’t just durable; it is actually stronger than granite. While granite is generally at 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, quartzite is between a 7 and an 8. Marble is generally around a 3 or 4 on the same scale, and quartz is a 7. In fact, quartzite is the hardest of all countertop materials.

Density is an important factor in countertops. Even though both granite and quartzite are porous, quartzite is denser, which means that there are fewer pores. Due to its density, quartzite rarely needs to be sealed. While some contractors will say quartzite doesn’t require any sealing, the occasional application of a sealer will prevent any potential damage. Staining is less likely with quartzite, however.

Even though quartzite is durable, it isn’t indestructible. However, it is much less likely to etch and chip than granite, marble, and even quartz. Quartzite is also heat-resistant.


Quartzite’s appearance is similar to that of marble. Many people want a durable countertop, but they don’t like the darker flecks found in many granite options. Quartzite doesn’t usually have many, if any, dark spots.

Typically, like marble, quartzite is white or grey, or a combination of the two. Exotic colors are also available. Quartzite can come in blue, violet, emerald, and brown.


Quartzite is a great option for people who love the appearance of marble but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a beautiful countertop. When compared to laminate, quartzite countertops may seem expensive, however, when compared to other stone countertop options, quartzite is less expensive than marble and on the same level as granite and quartz. Typically, quartzite is between $60 and $100 per square foot.

The more exotic or rare the quartzite, the pricier it will be. The thicker the slab, the more expensive the quartzite will be.

Demand for quartzite is on the rise, but the stone is also becoming more readily available. As the supply increases, prices will decrease.


As far as stone countertops go, quartzite is one of the easiest materials to maintain. Different kinds of quartzite will require slightly different levels of care depending on how porous the material is. The general rule of thumb is that all stone countertops should be sealed to protect them against damage from spills. The denser the quartzite, the less often you will need to reseal the surface.

For daily care, quartzite countertops should be kept free of any spills. All cleaners used on quartzite countertops should be non-abrasive to prevent stripping off the sealant. If the sealant wears off, you may notice that your countertops don’t look as polished as they used to. You should get a special stone cleaner to keep your countertops looking their very best.

Rock Doctor’s Granite & Quartz Cleaner is made with a non-abrasive formula to clean all kinds of natural stone countertops. It is designed to be gentle enough to be used on the more fragile marble, so it works great for quartzite.

To keep quartzite looking shiny and new, a polish can be used. A polish that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals but still makes your countertops look shiny. Rock Doctor’s Granite & Quartz Polish is safe for all types of natural stone countertop materials.

Sealer is very important for stone countertops—even quartzite. Using a sealer once a year will keep your quartzite countertops protected from spills and other potential damage. The sealer will protect your countertops from discoloration and staining.

Rock Doctor’s natural stone cleaning system is designed to be gentle on stone while protecting your countertops from daily wear and tear. If you are looking for a way to keep your durable quartzite countertops looking their very best, look no further than Rock Doctor, which is available online on Amazon and in-stores at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards.