The Laundry Room: The Newest Home Remodel Spot

The home laundry room was once relegated to the basement or the far corners of the garage. Today it’s one of the newest and most popular spots to stage a home remodel. The difference being that the modern laundry room isn’t just an area relegated to cleaning clothing. Instead, it’s a multi-functional spot that serves a growing number of activities in the home with possibilities to be another bathroom, a mudroom, craft room, pet care area or all-purpose dressing room.

Because the room now serves a number of purposes, there are new considerations for outfitting the area beyond the addition of a front-loading washer and dryer and shelves for cleaning supplies. Think function with the addition of style. For the floors, easy-to-clean laminate still remains a favorite, this time with a stylish twist incorporating patterns such as classic black and white tiles. Moving upward, functional cabinetry plays an increasingly important role, supplying everything from an area to stash cleaning supplies as well as a spot for slide-out drying racks and ironing boards and shelves to hold laundry baskets, reducing the need to stoop or bend over.

Kitchen- and Bath-like Additions

In an effort to utilize all available space, smart homeowners are even adding natural stone and granite slabs as add-on counter tops. Much like applications in the bathroom, these natural stone and granite surfaces are perfect for the demands of sometimes-wet environments. These surfaces, suspended over the washer and dryer, serve as a place for folding and sorting clothes or working on stains. When the laundry is finished, the spot is available as a general work surface for computer-based work, crafting projects or catching up on TV. Just make sure that the shelving additions allow space for proper ventilation of the washer and dryer components.

Many homeowners are also replacing traditional plastic or clay laundry sinks with a more durable stainless steel sink. Paired with a gooseneck faucet or pull-out sprayer these deep sinks can make laundry work easier and also multitask well for cleaning gardening implements or bathing the dog. Afterward, make cleaning the surfaces in your new multi-purpose laundry room a breeze with Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner. The versatile cleaner is a smart multi-tasker for cleaning granite, marble, quartz, natural stone and stainless steel. The versatile, non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaner is free of harsh chemicals and cleans stains and soil from stone surfaces and stainless steel, leaving behind a clean scent. An easy aerosol dispensing system means you’ll have the perfect application every time.

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