Spring Trends for Beautiful Kitchens

After a long, cold winter, the thought of spring can provide a spot of rejuvenation to the soul. Looking outside we can see the changes and growth taking place in the form of slowly greening grasses, tiny shoots pressing out of the dirt, and extended days of bright sunshine. Perhaps the promise provided by these elements of renewal are what makes the idea of beginning a home remodeling project so appealing.

For many, the kitchen is the perfect place to start a remodeling project. The kitchen, long the gathering spot for family dinners, is increasingly becoming one of the most multi-purpose rooms in the house, being used for everything from homework and game playing to entertaining friends. With that in mind we checked out Houzz, the online visual community for home remodeling and design, to see what’s new for spring kitchen designs.

Creative Combinations Fashion Something New

Adding in Furniture Elements – considering that the kitchen has long been the spot for cozy gatherings, it only makes sense for designers to incorporate a broader range of furniture and cabinetry elements normally relegated to other rooms in the house. These include adding small legs to kitchen islands, incorporating unique cabinetry and classic door profiles, and adding contrasting elements to the tops and sides of larger pieces.

Wallpaper for Visual Impact – wallpaper is finding a revival as an element of color, style and design. Expect to see bold prints and patterns used in interesting ways and in interesting locations. Houzz predicts wallpaper will be used in small spaces, on walls and even as an accent on the ceiling.

A Reason to Look Up –with embellishments going beyond traditional lights and fixtures on the ceiling, kitchens will have visual appeal all the way to the top. Expect to see stylish additions of clerestory windows, decorative moulding, bulkheads with lighting, and coffered ceilings.

Luxurious Metallics – after seasons of fixtures and pulls in cool brushed silver and stainless steel, things are warming up. Look for a range of warm metallic fixtures from gold and copper to bronze used as accents and understated touches of elegance.

Natural Tactile Textures – touches of natural elements remain popular in the kitchen with a slightly less polished presentation. Look for natural granite and marble in honed (matte) finishes. Wood, particularly of the reclaimed variety, will also be popular minus the shiny, polished look.

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