Reclaimed Granite Makes Recycling Beautiful

In terms of durability, granite is a clear winner. Over the decades, this particular quality has made it a go-to material for use in public courtyards, railroad trestle blocks, building facings, staircases and even guttering edging. It’s a stone that is so strong that many times the material has lasted longer than the street plan, park or building it covered.

Rather than let a beautiful and unique item go to waste when it comes time for these areas to be slated for the wrecking ball, a group of entrepreneurial enthusiasts are giving these granite pieces a second or even third chance to provide useful beauty. Throughout the U.S., granite used in public sites is finding a new home for consumers to create indoor and outdoor showcases.

Useful Big or Small

Depending on the size of the granite piece, these could be used to build a granite retaining wall or bench seating for the home, garden or patio, for paving stones in an outdoor living area or reused inside the home as a countertop, vanity or tiles for a backsplash. In some cases, the pieces of granite as thin as .75 inches to 1.25 inches can be used as a decorative facing or a veneer.

For the home or office, granite veneer can be the perfect way to add a visual statement without a lot of excess weight or bulk. Depending on the weight of the particular veneer, the granite will be backed with aluminum composite or aluminum honeycomb or fiberglass. As you can imagine, the application of granite veneer is only as limited as the inspiration behind the idea.

Granite Veneer Application Areas

  • Large display walls or entryways in offices, retail, restaurants and hotels
  • Columns, pillars or partitions
  • Walls and backsplashes
  • Gallery spaces
  • Furniture and millwork

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