Putting Granite Remnants to Good Use

A remodeling process can be a big undertaking full of dirt, dust and disharmony, but after the project is complete, you can truly appreciate the transformation process. If you are the proud new recipient of a new granite kitchen, bathroom or outdoor remodeling project you may find yourself blessed with granite remnants that are leftover from the project.

Considering the beauty of this remodeling material, why not put those leftover granite remnants to use in other areas of your home, yard or garden? Granite’s durable makeup makes it a great addition to many areas, and if you’re not sure where to start first, check out Pinterest for some incredible granite remnant recycling projects. This is a beautiful way to divert waste from the landfills.

Bathroom – If you’ve already installed granite on the countertops and/or in the shower, granite remnants can be cut into square- or rectangle-shaped tiles that could be used to create a matching backsplash or some thin decorative shelves in the room. Remember, that it’s always important to seal granite surfaces that are used in damp areas.

Kitchen – Much like the bathroom, granite remnants can be cut into tiles for the backsplash area. Don’t worry about the directional aspects of the individuals tiles. Instead focus on showcasing the veined beauty of each individual tile. If there are not enough granite remnants for a larger project, consider turning the smaller remnants into beautiful, high-end trivets for the dining room and cheeseboards of any shape and size. Just don’t use the granite remnants for a cutting board, unless you want dull knives! Any granite remnants designated for kitchen use should be sealed to protect the surface from stains and moisture.

Living Room – Granite remnants can be a great way to breathe new life into a table through the addition of a granite tabletop. Just make sure that the base of the table can support the weight of the stone. Other uses for granite remnants can include window sill replacements, bookcase inserts, fireplace mantle toppers or tiled or solid fireplace surrounds. Other innovative projects include granite coasters and pedestals to display a beloved statue or piece of artwork.

Outdoor – Being an outdoor element naturally, granite remnants look right at home when put to use outside. Irregular slabs can be used to create a beautiful and unique garden path or rock wall, and very tiny pieces can be made into mosaics for patio focal points or unique tabletop decoration.

No matter where you choose to repurpose your granite remnants, make sure that you sustain them for their next use with the proper products. Rock Doctor offers a water-based Granite & Stone Sealer that bonds deeply with natural stone to provide a long-lasting, natural-looking barrier. For your daily granite cleaning needs, use Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner. The non-abrasive and non-acidic formula is safe and approved for daily use in the kitchen, bath and throughout the home.

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