Looking for Easy Maintenance? Try a Natural Stone Floor

With the warm weather upon us and Memorial Day just around the corner, it only seems right to get a jump on the start of summer. If you’re like many households, the warmer weather also brings with it an increase in out-of-town visitors and the number of people coming in and out of the house. While these visits typically translate into a greater element of fun, an unfortunate side effect remains. More foot traffic equals more of the outside elements coming into your home in the form of dirt, spills, stains and sand.

Depending on the materials of the floors of your home, this could generate the potential for big-time messes or a round of easy clean-up. If you’re someone who prefers spending the summer having fun, the option of materials enabling quick and easy cleanup could be a significant advantage. With this in mind, savvy homeowners are replacing worn out carpet with natural stone flooring.

A Range of Stylish Options

With Mother Nature as your interior designer there’s no end to the options. Available in slate, granite, sandstone, travertine, marble or limestone, natural stone choices are limited only by your imagination. When you couple the natural stone’s beauty with the ease of cleaning, it’s no wonder why homeowners are kicking their wall-to-wall carpet to the curb for one of nature’s most enduring materials.

In addition to its durability, ease of cleaning and design flexibility, stone is also cool to the touch, making it a refreshing choice during the hot months of summer. The striking designs of the stone also give homeowners the option to make the stone’s design a focal point. When cooler weather sets in later in the year, the stone simply becomes a beautiful backdrop for decorative area rugs.

Simplified Maintenance

While many first consider natural stone for its timeless look, its merits are also significant when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. After all, if a stone can stand up for thousands of years through the ravages of changing weather, it can certainly handle the impacts of daily living with children, pets and visiting guests.

To provide even easier maintenance, apply a coat of Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer to the natural stone floor approximately every 12 to 18 months. The water-based sealer is perfect for use on all natural stone surfaces and on grout. Each application of Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer penetrates to bond with the natural stone to create a lasting and natural-looking barrier against moisture and other elements. One can of the sealer covers approximately 100 square feet.

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