Even Hollywood is in Love with Beautiful Granite Countertops

All of us love the look of the homes that we see on TV every week, and many of us aspire to someday have a place “just like that.” TV kitchens are especially well-designed and attractive, and many TV shows and movies spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Maybe that’s why Hollywood is jumping on the granite trend, with more and more TV kitchens boasting beautiful granite and other natural stone countertops. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • The Florricks’ kitchen on The Good Wife shows off what a splash of even muted color can do in the kitchen, especially when it’s complemented by that beautifully dark, two-tiered stone countertop.

    Image Source CountryLiving.com
  • While Hanna’s house on Pretty Little Liars may have been designed to look “picture perfect on the outside, but so much turmoil on the inside,” we can’t deny that we would love to have her kitchen, especially that massive stone-top island!
  • Rayna Jaymes’ kitchen on Nashville is delightfully rustic, with beautiful wood floors and cabinets and black granite countertops that set them off perfectly.

    Nashville kitchent
    Source: HookedOnHouses.net
  • The D.C. townhouse owned by Francis and Claire Underwood on House of Cards is filled with perfect touches, including a kitchen that brings a sleek, industrial modernist style. White cabinets and brushed nickel hardware, along with beautiful black granite countertops, really make it shine.
  • Granite isn’t the only natural stone countertop to add style to TV kitchens. The apartment of Dr. Frasier Crane on TV’s Frasier boasted a distinctive kitchen with a marble countertop.

    frasier kitchen
    Source: dailymail.co.uk
  • What gets cooked there may not always be too savory, but there’s no denying that Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s kitchen on Hannibal shows off his excellent taste, with its barn and zebra wood textures, contrasted by stainless steel appliances and travertine countertops.

    Source: Denofgeek.com
  • The “Murder House” in the first season of American Horror Story is actually part of the real life Rosenheim Mansion in L.A., which has also appeared in episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Twilight Zone. While you may not want to live there, its kitchen certainly is to die for, with its big bay window and combination of black granite and cream marble on the countertops and island—a perfect complement to the black and white checkered flooring.

    Source: HookedOnHouses.net

On the screen, everything has to look perfect, and Hollywood set designers spend a lot of time making sure that all the kitchens in their shows look just right. Given how many granite and other natural stone countertops they feature, they must know that the granite countertop polishing process is quick and simple! All you need are the right stone care products, and you can have a beautiful, gleaming granite countertop that’s ready for its close-up in no time!

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