Granite for More than just Countertops

It’s incredible when you think about the continuing appeal of natural building materials. The elements that make them strong and enduring in nature are often the same things that make them great choices for building materials within the home. When it comes to both style and durability, granite, a hard, crystalline and granular igneous rock has long been used for its timeless beauty and durability. Use of granite in building is recorded throughout the world including at the Egyptian Red Pyramid built in 26th century BC and the Rajaraja Chola I in South India from the 11th century AD, which was the first temple built entirely of granite. This material, literally chosen by pharaohs and kings throughout the world, is still admired today and designers are continuing to find incredible uses for this not-so-common rock made of quartz, feldspar and mica.

The appeal of granite countertops is well-established and this addition is typically high on the wish list of many consumers who are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel. While granite countertops continue to make the list, especially in black where they can provide a sleek contrast to white cabinets and appliances, there is a new trend in granite that designers and consumers alike are taking notice of — the use of undermounted granite and granite composite sinks. Composite sinks are composed of approximately 80 percent granite and 20% acrylic resin, resulting in a material that’s very durable and a smart selection for its durability and cleaning ease.

The undermount sinks are being installed below the countertop in both kitchens and bathrooms providing a seamless transition between a countertop and sink made of granite, marble or a granite composite. The sinks are one more way that designers and consumers are incorporating the sleek and contemporary look with clean lines and fewer surfaces that will trap residues and dirt, and the trend is anticipated to continue to grow.

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