Your New Granite Countertops are Simple to Clean and Protect

A recent article about “Where to Splurge” on your kitchen remodel at had a lot to say about countertops and the lasting value of granite. According to HGTV, the countertop is the focal point of your kitchen, and a granite countertop will add beauty and value to the room, almost always ensuring a return on your investment. Because of the durability and versatility of granite, it’s a much-sought-after material for kitchen countertops, and it will add value to your home and provide lasting enjoyment to your family for years to come.

Like all good things, though, granite is at its best when it’s well cared for. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your granite looking and performing like new by taking just a few simple steps. Cleaning and protecting your granite countertops is a snap, provided you’ve got the right tools! Since granite is so tough and durable, all you really need to keep it looking its best is the right combination of products.

So how do you keep your granite countertops in showroom condition, through all the stains and spills of daily life in the kitchen?

Just follow these three simple steps:granite countertops clean

  1. Clean

    Clean your new granite countertops as needed with Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner. It doesn’t take a lot of scrubbing or special cleaning pads or techniques. Cleaning spills as they happen will prevent them from soaking in and potentially becoming stains, and all it takes is a quick spray of Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner and a clean rag or paper towel to get up even the toughest spills.

  2. Seal

    Seal your granite countertops every 12 to 18 months with Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer. Sealing your countertops provides a layer of protection against stains and scratches that might otherwise mar the beauty of your granite. Your new countertops should come fully sealed, but if you’re in doubt, you can perform a simple test. Just sprinkle some water on your countertop. If the water beads up on the surface, your seal is still going strong, but if it soaks in and begins to darken, it’s time to re-apply.

  3. Polish

    Polish your countertops with Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish to help your granite maintain its beauty and shine. Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish also provides an added layer of protection to keep your granite looking its best year after year.

Always clean your granite countertops thoroughly before applying either granite sealer or granite polish. If you look online, you can find a number of methods for cleaning and maintaining your granite countertops using common household items, but nothing will beautify and protect your investment better than a trio of products specially formulated for cleaning and protecting granite, not to mention how much easier the job is when you have the right tools.

Rock Doctor‘s complete line of stone care products are all specially formulated to clean and protect your granite countertops and other natural stone surfaces. From granite cleaner, granite sealer, granite polish, and beyond, you can find them all at fine retail stores like Lowe’s Home Improvement, as well as participating Ace Hardware, True Value, and Do it Best locations.