Embracing the Originality of Natural Stone

So many of our purchases hold an element of our own personality and emotion within them. Far from being mere inanimate objects, the acquisitions are a way of convey something about ourselves and our lifestyle without saying a word. From the clothing we wear to the car that we drive, little bits about our personality can be intuited. For example, the man driving the classic car is looking to convey he knows a good thing and is willing to make the investment, while the person driving the Smart Car is likely to be interested in economy and perhaps embraces a simpler lifestyle.

Interestingly, the stone chosen for the bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms of our home also has the ability to tell a similar story. The natural veining and pock marks are part of a stone’s natural makeup and tell the geological history of it formation. Included in the fun of selecting natural stone for use in the home is the ability to repurpose it in multiple places in a variety of finishes.

Inherent Possibilities

Once you find the perfect stone, it can be interesting to see just how different a stone can look as the result of a chosen finish.

Honed – This is one of the most natural finishes. After cutting, the stone is sanded with a coarse abrasive tool to create a smooth, matte surface. The finish creates a minimum of reflected light and is good for high-traffic areas where a more polished surface might wear off.

Brushed and Hammered – A stiff-bristled brush helps to give the surface of the stone a rough finish. Sharp, axe-like hammers help create a pocked appearance. This is a way to create a rustic appearance.

Satin-brushed – A softer-bristle brush is used to create a smooth appearance. This is sometimes selected for countertop surfaces.

Highly Polished – Application of a fine abrasive helps create a smooth surface that reflects light. It’s another options for surfaces.

Leathered or Stained – Addition of texture by closing the pores of the stone, leaving some sheen but not a polished or reflective surface.

Buffed or Distressed – Polishing through the use of rubbing to create a smooth look. For a more weathered look, the stone is tumbled with smaller stones and water.

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