Create a Spa-Like Retreat at Home Using Natural Stone

Who among us isn’t looking for a more relaxing environment, one that allows us to kick back and find a spot of quiet away from the hustle and bustle, at least for a short time? The desire for an oasis of calm in the midst of everyday craziness might be one reason for the continued popularity of bathroom remodels. One of the most popular themes of 2014 and previous years is incorporating the serenity of spa-like environments into the home bathroom.

For a number of bathroom remodel trends, the scene is set with a beautiful and distinct piece of granite, marble or some other natural stone for the countertops, tub and shower. Many of the examples feature gorgeous slabs of natural stone used for deep-set bathtubs and multi-head, steam and custom walk-in showers. While the choice of granite, marble or other natural stone provides a beautiful and distinctive look, it’s important to do your research in order to choose the right material for your bathroom.

The popularity of granite remains strong and can be used as a beautiful accent throughout the home. If you’re looking to install granite in the bathroom though, make sure that material you’re looking at is really granite and not an imitation stone. One quick test is called the sprinkle test. Much like it sounds, the sprinkle test allows you to determine if the granite is genuine with a small sprinkle of water. If the stone absorbs the water then you will instantly know that it’s not real granite.

Marble is certainly beautiful, but it may not be the best choice in a bathroom, especially if you are someone who tends to drop or scoot items. Marble easily scratches because it’s made from limestone, a relatively soft material. If you’re wondering if the marble that you’re looking at is real or faux, there are two quick tests that will allow you to quickly determine its authenticity. The first is the knife test. (Remember that real marble is easily scratched.) The second test is the fizz test. Authentic marble will create a fizzing effect when it comes into contact with a weak acid solution. Just be sure to choose an inconspicuous place for either of these tests. If you have your heart set on marble in your bathroom remodel, consider a synthetic version that will provide the look of marble with an added feature of durability.

No matter what natural stone you choose for your bathroom remodel, it’s important to clean the stone daily to remove soap residue and the build-up of mold and mildew. Immediately after showering use a squeegee to remove excess water from the walls and doors, and then apply Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner. The non-abrasive Granite & Quartz Cleaner is safe for granite, marble, quartz, solid surface counters & other sealed natural rock surfaces and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent. Check out what others are saying about the Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner.

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