Caring for your Granite Investment

Unlike the selection of a new dress or shirt, choosing the perfect stone surface can be an extensive process. There are considerations for the kind of stone that’s best for the environment with a range of options for granite, quartz or marble. Next comes the important questions. Will the stone be installed in an area that will be wet or high traffic in terms of use? In areas where durability is important it’s worthwhile to ask about a stone’s mineral hardness as it relates to the Mohs scale. This scale characterizes the scratch-resistant qualities of a mineral through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. For instance, quartz earns a 7 and diamond earns a 10 on the scale.

Choosing a color can be one of the more time-consuming aspects of finding the perfect stone. The stone’s natural composition means each has a unique look with variations in shading and the natural veining pattern. Much like a jewelry gemstone, these natural stones have the potential to harbor a number of color variations under different light. For example, a slab of ivory granite could lean toward shades of pink in some cuts or a stone with pronounced veining might appear in shades of black, grey, blue or even purple under some lighting. This is why it’s important to ask for a sample of any desired slab from the showroom before going to inspect larger slabs at a stone supplier. If the warehouse is poorly lit, also ask to see the slab under natural light.

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Natural Stone Countertops

  • Visit a showroom to view the stone options
  • Ask for stone samples and a related price list to take to the stone supplier
  • Choose a sink
  • Inquire about the addition of a backsplash
  • Check out a stone supplier to see larger stone slabs
  • Search the boneyard for leftover pieces (small jobs)
  • Prepare the room for fabricators to make a wooden replica of the new countertops
  • Complete installation with the placement of the stone slabs

Keeping Stone Surfaces Looking like New

Considering the time, choice and angst that can go into choosing the perfect stone surface, you’ll want to protect the integrity of the stone and keep it looking like new. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid the use of stone care systems using acidic or abrasive materials and to wipe up spills immediately. Acidic foods and drinks include citrus or fruit juice, tomatoes and tomato sauce, soda, beer, hard liquor, mustard and coffee.

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