Black Granite, Quartz and Marble Countertops Add Drama to Any Room

You know how they’re always saying that something is “the new black.” Well, there’s a reason why everything is always trying to be “the new black.” Just as with fashion, when it comes to home décor, black is a bold, versatile color that fits well with almost any style of decorating, while also adding striking contrasts that make a room stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to incorporating the color black into your home décor, there are few choices more popular, or more powerful, than black granite, quartz, or marble countertops. Many kitchens go for a bold black and white color palette, juxtaposing black countertops with white cabinets for a classic look that is at once modern and timeless. But when it comes to black natural stone countertops, you’re not locked into a monochromatic approach to kitchen décor.

While you can certainly find granite slabs that are flat black—and they can look incredibly striking, especially in kitchens where they accent other colors—you can also find black granites that are flecked with gold, gray, or white to add visual interest and accentuate the other colors in your kitchen design. Nor is granite your only option when it comes to beautiful black countertops. Black marble with white veins can provide a dramatic countertop surface that can add drama to any kitchen while black quartz brings a sparkle and shine that goes beautifully with just about any modern kitchen.

Because black plays so well with other colors, a black granite, marble, or quartz countertop can bring drama and luxury to any kitchen, without clashing with the rest of your décor or forcing you into one particular color scheme. What’s more, many times darker granites are denser than their lighter counterparts, making them less likely to absorb stains.

The only downside to decorating with black natural stone countertops is that dust, debris, and crumbs all stand out starkly on a black surface. Just think about those black slacks or that black dress that you own, and how much any little bit of lint shows up on them. Keeping your black granite, marble, or quartz countertops clean is especially important. Fortunately, that’s not an impediment with the right tools and a few handy tips for cleaning granite countertops.

For the right tools, all you need are Rock Doctor’s handy line of granite cleaning and granite care products, including granite cleaner, granite polish, and granite sealer, which can also be used on marble, quartz, and any other natural stone countertops. You can find them at fine retail stores including Lowe’s Home Improvement, and participating Ace Hardware, Do it Best, and True Value locations. For plenty of handy tips for cleaning granite countertops, visit the Rock Doctor blog!