A Spotlight on Color

With spring’s official arrival, it’s time to think about adding a little color. For some that means looking at the gardening and seed catalogs and for others it’s all about buying the spring wardrobe. For those in the world of art, fashion and design, color defines not only the season but the year. At the beginning of each year the Pantone Institute, a world leader in color technologies, provides an official color for the year.

Somewhat like the prediction of the Groundhog’s shadow, the announcement is taken quite seriously by some and for others, it’s little more than a conversation item. This year, the Pantone Institute named Marsala its color of the year. Just picture the shade of a glass of Marsala wine and you’ll know just what they have in mind. Announced with great fanfare, the color was labeled as seductive and embracing and recommended as a color to add warmth into the interior of a home.

Additional Applications for Marsala

Because of its warm red-brown roots, the color is compatible with amber, umber, golden yellows, greens found in turquoise and teal, and vibrant blues. It’s also good for kitchen and dining room accents. After looking at the color, we thought its depth would also be a beautiful match for the natural beauty of granite or marble. The combination easily invokes the feel of a room in a Mediterranean villa with beautiful natural stone flooring or a walk-in shower tiled in lightly veined granite or marble with Marsala-colored accent towels.

Once the beautiful accents are in place, you’ll want a way to keep your natural stone surfaces looking like new. In order to avoid the frustration of dullness and etching on the stone’s surface, we recommend the ease of the Rock Doctor Granite cleaner, polish and sealer system. The easy as one, two, three-process will keep stone surfaces looking like the day they were installed. Non-abrasive Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner is safe for daily use on all natural stone surfaces, and it’s also great for use on stainless steel.

Tips to Keep Stone Surfaces Looking Like New

  • Avoid acidic cleaning products such as vinegar and lemon juice
  • Protect from excessive heat by using hot pads for pots, pans and cookie sheets
  • Clean up spills and drips immediately
  • Reduce hard water spots by completely drying stone surfaces
  • Remember to seal natural stone yearly
  • Use a cutting board to maintain knife and counter surfaces

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