8 Biggest Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2019

It seems like interior design trends change faster than the seasons, and that can make it difficult for homeowners to keep up with the latest and greatest design trends. Fortunately, Rock Doctor is here to break down some of the biggest new trends for countertop design in 2019.

1.     Quartz

Quartz is the trendiest material for countertops right now due to its stunning looks and need for very little maintenance. Unlike the porous granite, quartz is highly resistant to staining and is extremely hygienic. Since quartz isn’t porous, it also doesn’t require regular re-sealing, so it is far more low-maintenance than granite.

Like granite, quartz is high-durable and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes. If you are looking for an easy stone option for your countertops, hop on the quartz trend, too.

2.     Neutral Tones

Soft, neutral colored countertops are all the rage in homes for 2019. Now that bright colors are on the outs whites, grays, and tans are taking over countertops. This highlights the rest of the features of your kitchen, especially if you have unique cabinetry or a bright backsplash. Off-white, ashy gray, and neutral beige are great options for homes with lots of natural light as it makes the homes feel open, bright, and airy. Quartz is being done in soft grays, dull browns, and light blues as well.

3.     Textured Surfaces

For years, stone countertops have been polished and shiny. While this is still popular and beautiful, many homeowners are deciding to step away from this traditional look and go for a different type of finish on their countertops. Now honed and leathered finishes are gaining traction in interior design.

Homeowners who opt for a honed finish on their countertops will notice fewer flaws or scratch marks on the surface of the stone, as the matte finish does a better job of concealing imperfections. Honed finishes leave countertops with very little shine that looks satiny-smooth. This finish makes the surface of the countertop less slipper and doesn’t have a reflective element to it as a polished finish does. To keep a honed-finished countertop looking its best, it will need to be frequently resealed. This finish is best for casual, low-traffic surfaces.

A leather finish is a newer style that gives the countertop a “river-washed appearance.” While polished countertops have a high-gloss finish, leather-finished countertops don’t have any shine to them. This lack of shine makes leather-finished countertops great at concealing smudges and fingerprints. The leathered look is best when applied to dark-colored stone surfaces to produce a leathery look.

4.     Mixed Materials

Traditional countertops are made of only one kind of material. In 2019, you’ll notice the increased implementation of more than one material being used in countertop design. This kind of design can be used in numerous ways in a kitchen.

One way many homeowners are mixing countertop materials is by creating a countertop with a bar. While the working surface is stone, the bar top area may be wood or metal. Another common use for mixed material countertops is to create two sections of counter space on a peninsula. A combination of wood and metal can be used to create a divide between the area housing the sink and the work surface. Other homeowners use one material for the wall-mounted countertops and a different material for the countertop on the island.

A combination of countertop materials can make a kitchen look more modern, industrial, or warm. If you are considering this design, you may want to consult with an interior designer, as it can be difficult to match materials, and you still want to be able to have a functional kitchen space.

5.     Metal

Metal countertops are already a common fixture in some modern, urban homes, but now they are becoming increasingly popular in all homes due to their durability and shine. Many metal countertops are actually made to withstand rust and surface dings that are bound to happen in the kitchen.

Using metal for your countertops can be tricky, however. Be sure to try to avoid a metal that clashes with any stainless steel appliances you already have. When done properly, metal countertops add a cool, contemporary look to a kitchen. Metal countertops are easily incorporated into industrial style kitchens, which are also increasingly popular in homes today.

6.     High-Contrast Marble

Marble is considered an elegant addition to any kitchen. The newest trend for this beautiful stone is lots of contrast. Having a bold veining pattern creates a more dramatic look in the kitchen. Many homeowners are even using high-contrast marble as a waterfall down the sides of the kitchen island for a really intense look in their kitchens.

7.     Patterned Stone

In the past, stone countertops were made of round particles, but now homeowners are branching out a bit with countertop designs. Veined stones are now in style. The veining in the stone is meant to resemble natural slabs of stones.

Quartz has been one of the more popular materials for this look, as it is easy to create veins, swirls, and other patterns in the stone that makes it look more natural and less perfect and symmetrical.

8.     Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks are becoming more and more popular, because they create a seamless look in your kitchen. Instead of placing a sink in your countertops, have an integrated sink made into the countertop. Integrated sinks are made out of the same material that the rest of the countertops are made out of. While this may not be ideal for all materials, marble, quartz, stainless steel, and concrete can survive as sinks.

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