Arctic White, Glacier White, and Classic White Granite Kitchens

When it comes to remodeling and decorating the kitchen of your dreams, color is important. And while it’s relatively simple to change the color of kitchen cabinets, changing the color of bigger ticket items like appliances and kitchen countertops takes a lot more time, money, and effort. That’s why choosing the right color for your kitchen countertop is an important decision, and it’s why more and more people are choosing to go with white countertop materials, whether they be marble, quartz, or the ever-popular granite.

Natural stone surfaces like marble and granite come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and there are a wide range of white marbles and granites to choose from when it comes to selecting kitchen countertops. What’s more, because they are natural stone, no two of them are ever exactly alike, allowing you to add a dose of individuality to your kitchen while still keeping a stylish and classic look.

Today, white kitchens are growing in popularity, due in no small part to the versatility that white countertops can bring to your decorating options. White opens up kitchen and living spaces and gives them a feeling of serenity, while also pairing well with almost any design style or color scheme. Whether you’re going simple or ornate, rustic or modern, white countertops can accentuate just about any style, and white marble or granite makes a perfect accompaniment to popular white kitchen tiles. Combine with black accents for a sharp, modern, high-contrast look, or with white cabinets for a 50s style country kitchen aesthetic. Keep it simple to create the feeling of a contemporary loft kitchen, or use white as a jumping-off point for more elaborate designs.

Of course, once you’ve got your beautiful white countertops in place, you’re going to want to keep them looking their best. After all, white anything is going to show spots and drips more than any other color, which makes it especially important to keep your countertops clean with the help of the proper granite cleaning products. Some people avoid white countertops because they’re afraid of stains, but when you get right down to it, the best way to avoid staining, no matter what color your countertops, or what your countertops are made of, is to clean up spills as soon as they happen using the right granite cleaning products.

Fortunately, Rock Doctor’s full line of high-quality stone care and granite cleaning products is designed to care for your natural stone countertops, whether they’re granite, marble, quartz, or any other stone, and whether they’re black, white, or any other color. And be sure to browse the Rock Doctor blog for more tips on keeping your countertops looking and performing their best, regardless of color.