What’s Hot in 2017 Kitchen Trends

When it comes to new trends in kitchen design, granite and other natural stone countertops never go out of style! With 2017 just around the corner, it’s time to start looking to see what’s hot in new kitchen ideas. While granite and other natural stone countertops always top the list, it’s worth digging a little deeper to see what new ways granite and stone are being used and incorporated into the kitchens of the not-so-distant future.

Heading into the New Year, homeowners are opting for more idiosyncratic and eclectic kitchen spaces, using mixed hardware finishes, hidden appliances, integrated “smart” spaces, texture-on-texture contrast, and bright colors to make kitchens feel welcoming and one-of-a-kind. Of course, nothing is more one-of-a-kind than a natural stone like granite, which, due to its natural formation, truly is always a unique addition to the kitchen that can’t be reproduced in a factory or lab.

And granite comes in such a wide variety of colors and styles that it can be used to match or accentuate just about any approach to décor. The use of contrasting color “tuxedo cabinets” is one trend that’s hitting kitchens in 2017, and it’s easy to coordinate a granite countertop to match. If you’re going with the classic black-and-white tuxedo cabinet look, a black granite countertop may be just what the doctor ordered!

Whatever your kitchen decorating goals, chances are there’s a granite countertop to match. White granites can help make a small kitchen look bigger, while beige granites give you access to a wide range of decorating options. And in both cases, there’s no need to worry about the granite looking “boring,” since the natural composition and grain of granite gives plenty of visual interest and ensures that no two granite countertops are ever exactly alike.

Going for a rustic look in your kitchen in 2017? Try the warmth of a brown granite countertop. Want to add a striking centerpiece to a more eclectic kitchen design? Jewel-toned granites such as red or green may be the perfect finishing touch.

Ultimately, whatever design ideas you want to implement in your kitchen in the coming year, you’ll find that granite and other natural stone countertops have a role to play. Thanks to their beauty, durability, and utility, granite countertops remain one of the gold standards when it comes to kitchen remodels, and for very good reason.

However, some homeowners shy away from granite countertops because they’re afraid that the natural stone will be difficult to clean or care for. Fortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth, as long as you’ve got the right granite cleaning products on hand.

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