Top Bathroom Trends You’ll Want in Your Home

All jokes aside, the amount of time people are spending in their bathroom is on the rise, but it’s not for the reason that you might expect. Once an area of Spartan utility, bathrooms are now receiving upgrades that were normally relegated to the more public areas of a home.

Perhaps some of the shift can be explained by the hurry up lifestyle that many of us are a part of, like it or not. In an attempt to pause and rejuvenate, more consumers are adding touches reminiscent of what you might see in a high-end spa or retreat locale, all in the attempt to add a note of pampering to the everyday hustle and bustle.

Getting the Look

In order to create an inviting presence, many are bringing elements of contemporary style through the placement of tiles and lighting. While the classic white subway tile remains popular, consumers are also incorporating art in the form of French-Moroccan, Hollywood Regency, and 3-dimensional tiles to walls in the tub, shower and backsplash.

Lighting on the other hand has embraced an element of class. Gone is the traditional harsh overhead or track lighting and in its place are break-the-rules crystal-bauble chandeliers. These light-enhancing fixtures are finding new placement over a vanity or outside a shower area, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy. For the ultimate in warmth and lighting, there’s also a number of bathroom fireplace options.

Stay Connected, Always

If you haven’t already noticed, technology is everywhere, even the bathroom. New innovations have broken the boundary, allowing electronics into the area without the threat of damage from moisture. In the bathroom, tunes can be enjoyed via wireless speakers or there’s even an all-in-one showerhead/speaker combo. Bluetooth-enabled devices and docking stations are also being incorporated into showerheads, vanities, and bathroom mirrors. No longer will there be an excuse for missing an important call!

Adaptable through the Ages

In acknowledgement that people are not only living longer but also staying in their homes longer, many consumers are incorporating elements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) design into bathroom remodels. In addition to being helpful for consumers with the mobility requirements of a wheelchair, walker or cane, the open designs also eliminate loss of space and are typically easier to clean. Elements include comfort-height toilets, no-threshold showers, and side-mount sinks and curb-less showers. The open bathroom design is not only easy to navigate but can also be a boost in terms of future resale value.

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