The Ultimate Guide on Cleaning Granite Countertops in the Kitchen

New granite owners may spend a lot of time online looking for YouTube videos or asking their friends for advice on how to clean granite countertops, and you can certainly find plenty of “do it yourself” ideas that run the gamut from household chemicals to stuff that you can find in your refrigerator. But the fact of the matter is, some of those household remedies can actually be harmful to the finish of your countertop or to the grout that surrounds it. Why take that risk when cleaning granite countertops can be a breeze as long as you have the right tools and the right guide?

Cleaning granite countertops doesn’t have to be a big chore, and because granite is so durable, keeping it looking its best is a simple process as long as you know what to do. After all, Rock Doctor has been in the business of helping homeowners like you clean, polish, and seal granite countertops for more than 15 years, so we’ve had plenty of time to hone the process to its simplest and most effective form. To that end, we’re happy to present your ultimate guide to How to Clean Granite Countertops.

First, why do you need to clean and care for your granite countertops? Since granite is so durable, many people think that they may not need to show it the same care that they would other surfaces. Even though granite countertops are resistant to extremes climates, making it great for kitchen remodeling projects, they are still made up of stone, which is naturally porous. That means coffee cup rings, wineglass spills, or other stains can sink into the surface and stain your granite countertop.

So, Step One when it comes to how to clean granite countertops is to wipe up spills as they happen. In fact, that’s a good rule of thumb no matter what your countertop is made of. The longer spills are allowed to sit, the more likely they are to become stains that are difficult to remove. If you miss a spot, however, there’s no need to panic. Just wipe it up as soon as you notice it, and let your granite cleaner take care of the rest.

That’s where Step Two comes in: When you get the time, clear off your countertop and spray it down with a non-abrasive, non-acidic, non-CFC granite cleaning solution that is specially formulated to treat granite and other natural stone surfaces. Using cleaners that are designed specifically to treat granite can help ensure that you don’t mar your granite’s natural luster. Just a few sprays of the right granite cleaning solution should be enough.

Once you’ve sprayed down your countertop, wipe it clean with a dish cloth, terrycloth towel, or clean microfiber cloth. Some people use paper towels, but because paper towels come in many different types, some of which work better than others, we find it best to use something a little more consistent. A good rule of thumb is to choose something that you might use to wash your car without worrying about scratching the finish.

For particularly stubborn stains, you may want to give the area another spray of your granite cleaning solution and let it saturate the stain for 30-45 seconds before wiping it clean. You can also eyeball your countertop from an angle to ensure that all smudges, spills, and any caked-on dirt is gone. And that’s how to clean granite countertops the right way!

You may be asking yourself: Just a two-step process? Can it really be that simple? It is when you use a granite cleaner that is specially formulated to clean granite countertops! That’s why we make our Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner with NO abrasives or harmful chemicals, so that it’s safe to use on your granite countertop as often as required.

With the help of Rock Doctor’s specially formulated line of granite care products, keeping your granite countertops clean and protected is really one of the easiest jobs you’ll ever do around the house. It just takes a few minutes—much fewer than, say, sweeping floors, vacuuming the carpet, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, washing windows, cleaning blinds, or polishing furniture! And with the right tools, you can help keep your granite looking great with minimal effort.

Of course, if you want to keep your granite countertops looking as good as new for years to come, you may also want to go a little beyond the basics of how to clean granite countertops. For example, to protect your countertops and keep them looking their very best, it’s a great idea to polish your granite countertops once a week or so. Because granite countertops come in so many colors, and possess so much natural variation from one to another, keeping them looking their best means making sure they’re protected from glass rings, spills, and etching—which is where the water-resistant protective coating of Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish comes in!

It’s also a good idea to re-seal your granite countertops every 12 to 18 months, which helps protect your natural stone surfaces from stains, moisture, and other hazards. A good way to tell if it’s time to re-seal your granite countertop is to perform a simple water test: Just sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface of your countertop, and watch what happens! If the water stays beaded up on the surface, then your seal is still in good shape. If it seeps in and darkens the granite, it’s time to re-seal.

Fortunately, sealing your granite countertop is almost as easy as cleaning it (which, by the way, you should make sure to do before re-sealing). All you need is a can of Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer and some soft cloths or paper towels. Spray the surface with Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer and let it stand for 2 or 3 minutes, then wipe it clean, and you’re done! Let the sealer dry for another 30 minutes, and then try a water test again if you’re not sure that you got it on the first try.

So, if you’re looking for the best answer to how to clean granite countertops, look no further than Rock Doctor’s complete line of granite cleaning and granite care products. We really do make the whole process as easy as 1-2-3, and you can find all of our great granite care products at Lowe’s Home Improvement and participating Ace Hardware, Do it Best, Home Depot, and True Value locations.