Should I Fix the Chip in My Granite Countertop?

It finally happened… Something chipped your beautiful granite countertops. When you realize the damage that has been done, your first thought is probably how you can fix the chip. While that is certainly an option that you have, the real question is whether you should spend the money to get that chip fixed. Rock Doctor has a little advice on handling chipped granite countertops.

How Are Chips in Granite Fixed

First, it is important that you understand how the chip in your granite countertop will be fixed. Unfortunately, repairing granite and making it look the way it did before is nearly impossible. To fix a chip in granite countertops, a professional will come to your home and fill the spot in with Epoxy. While Epoxy makes the surface flat and even again, it doesn’t look exactly like the granite it is replacing. Epoxy’s sheen is a little different than granite, and it just isn’t possible to match the pattern of the granite. It might be really noticeable that something happened to that part of your countertop—even if the repair-person tries to hide it the best that they can.

Since it is very difficult to make the spot look the way it did before, some homeowners might not want to spend the money on the repairs. In fact, there are times when it might be best to just leave the chip.

When Should You Repair a Chip in Your Granite Countertop?

The chip in your granite countertop can always be fixed, but if the chip is in a high traffic area, it might be a good idea to go ahead and get it fixed to prevent further damage to the countertop. Unrepaired chips could lead to staining, so if you are going to be working a lot in the area of the chip, it is in your best interest to go ahead and have the chip repaired before anything else happens to the granite.

Sometimes, what you think is a chip in your granite is actually a much more significant problem. For example, fissures and cracks can be more extensive than a small chip. A fissure that goes through the entire depth of the stone (which is rare but can still happen) or a crack in the stone can damage the structural integrity of your countertops. If you notice a crack or fissure, you will need to contact a specialist to try to repair the damage. In the case that the damage can’t be fixed, you might need to replace your countertops entirely.

When Should You Leave a Chip in Your Granite Countertop?

If the chip is out of the way, it might be best to just leave it the way it is. While it isn’t usually super expensive to fix chipped granite, it can really add up. Also, if you know that the look of the repaired granite will bother you, it might be best to just leave the chip and work carefully around it to prevent further damage to the stone.

Preventing Chips in Your Granite Countertop

The best thing you can do for your granite countertops is prevent them from getting chipped in the first place. While this may seem like an impossible task, there are certain precautions that you can take to prevent damage from occurring.

The main thing you should keep up with to prevent chipping is keeping your countertops properly sealed. Granite sealers provide a layer of protection for your granite countertops. Even though you probably aren’t thinking about chips when you are sealing your granite countertops, it can help prevent chipping from occurring.

It is also beneficial to keep your countertops clean. Not only will you be more likely to notice any damage on a clean surface, but you can remove items that could lead to etching and staining, as well as other kinds of damage.

When you are putting things on your countertop, you might not be thinking about how heavy the items are. If you are going to put heavy items on your granite countertops, you should do so carefully. Dropping heavy items is one of the fastest ways you can chip your countertops. Dragging and moving heavy items across the surface of the stone could also cause similar damage.

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