Rock Doctor’s Innovative New Product: Soap in Seconds!

What if we told you there was a way to wash your hands with soap and water no matter where you are?  Even if you’re miles away from a sink!  Whether you are at a little league baseball game, tailgate, campsite, putting gas in your car, or just in a hurry at home.

Soap in Seconds! … Rock Doctor’s innovative new product puts real soap and real water in an aerosol can, eliminating the need for a sink and running water!  Soap in Seconds! makes cleaning hands quick and easy:

  1. Briefly shake the can
  2. Dispense Soap in Seconds! onto hands (it’s a foam)
  3. Rub hands in a cleaning motion until the foam disappears
  4. The foam disappears, so rinsing is not necessary!
  5. You’re done! Quick, clean hands!

Even better, Soap in Seconds! washes hands without alcohol that is so harsh on hands!   Soap in Seconds! proprietary formula can provide the same level of clean as washing hands the old-fashioned way!

With Soap in Seconds! your hands will feel soft!

With Soap in Seconds! your hands will feel clean!

With Soap in Seconds! your hands will smell fresh!

We’re sure you’ll love the fast, clean, convenience of Soap in Seconds!   You can purchase it online at Lowes, The Home Depot, and Amazon; or in Westlake Hardware retail stores.