Make Granite Care Part of Your Holiday Cleaning Checklist

The holiday season is upon us, and that means one thing: lots of gatherings with family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe even a bash on New Year’s Eve! If you’re the one who’s going to be doing the hosting this year, that probably means a lot of cleaning—especially if you’re having get-togethers for all three occasions, or even more than one party for each!

When people come over, it always means cleaning the house from top to bottom and—go ahead, admit it—that usually happens in a furious burst just before company arrives. But with so many holiday gatherings back to back, it’s a good idea to make a holiday cleaning plan in order to reduce stress and make sure everything gets done—especially if you’re just going to have to turn around again and clean up after that party before the next one comes along!

When you’re putting your holiday cleaning checklist together, make sure to include proper care for all your granite countertops and other natural stone surfaces. After all, the heart of any party is where the food is, so your kitchen is probably going to see a lot of traffic this holiday season, and your countertops will probably see a whole lot of use from baking, serving, and snacking. All the more reason to make sure that your granite countertops look great by treating them with the right granite cleaning products.

It’s also a good idea to stage your cleaning plans out over several days, rather than trying to do it all the night before. You can even get the whole family involved! Assign different chores—or even different parts of the house—to your kids based on their age and ability. Make a list in advance of all the cleaning that you want to get done before the big get-together, then tackle one or two things at a time. If you’re planning to hire out professional cleaning services—say, to get that living room carpet shampooed—make sure to schedule them in advance. Cleaning services get busy around the holidays, for obvious reasons, and if you wait too long you might find that everyone is all booked up.

Whatever your holiday cleaning checklist contains, an important part of any good cleaning job is having the right tools. For your granite and other natural stone countertops, that means having granite cleaning products that are specially formulated for treating natural stone. That’s where Rock Doctor’s full line of high-quality retail granite cleaning products come in. So while you’re out shopping for your next big holiday party, make sure to pick some up from a fine retail store like Lowe’s Home Improvement, or a participating Ace Hardware, Do it Best, Home Depot, or True Value location!