Kitchen and Bathroom Trends of 2022

The upcoming year is bound to be another year that reveals key looks for your kitchen and bathroom. Homeowners already know that trends change constantly, and if you’re planning on building or redesigning a bathroom or kitchen in the new year, you’ll need to stay up-to-date on all the new styles.

In 2022, kitchen and bathroom trends are expected to become more personalized and less utilitarian. In recent years, we’ve seen a push for more contemporary designs with grey-scaled and cooler tones. However, homeowners, flippers, and other designers are now looking to design spaces with styles they won’t regret later—ones that stand the test of time.

The new year will bring more timeless, classic, and vintage looks as people look to personalize their living space. For this year and beyond, we’re expecting homeowners to care more about what they love having in their space rather than what’s popular, especially by incorporating more functionality into kitchen and bathroom spaces.


Bathroom and kitchen countertop trends in 2022 will follow the growing demand for sanitary and easy-to-clean natural stone, such as quartz and marble. In particular, light-colored quartz and strongly veined marble will remain popular choices for countertop surfaces. These two stones both scream quality and luxury when used in kitchen or bathroom spaces.

Natural stone countertops are durable and able to withstand passing trends over the years, making them a great investment. They are also increasingly used for their health benefits. The surfaces of these countertops are best cleaned with a natural stone cleaner, making harsh chemical cleaners unnecessary in your home.

Going into 2022, designers are also looking to use wooden countertops or other countertop surfaces made with recycled materials. Wooden countertops work as great accent pieces for islands, especially if you want to complement any other natural stone surfaces in your kitchen.


All-white kitchen and bathroom cabinets are becoming a trend of the past; instead, many are looking to incorporate more stained and earthy tones, or even unpainted woodgrain cabinets.

Gem hues, such as green, purple, blue, and yellow, have become popular choices for many homeowners. These bright cabinet colors create more visual contrast in a bathroom or kitchen, and they pair well with unlacquered brass or other classic metal hardware.

Designers are also looking to create more space in the kitchen or bathroom by using fewer upper cabinets and incorporating more base cabinets with a deeper base. Refrigerated drawers, dishwashing drawers, or hidden pantries are becoming popular in an attempt to create a more uncluttered look.

Bathroom and kitchen styles for 2022 also recommend hiding outlets in kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or even the medicine cabinet. Small electric appliances or other handheld tools can be easily hidden, leaving countertops clean and organized.


Along with using natural stone for flooring surfaces, such as marble, quartz, and granite, designers are also looking to have fewer grout lines in kitchens and bathrooms. Longer tiles and slabs are growing in popularity, and many homeowners are incorporating vinyl wood planks in kitchens and porcelain and ceramic tiles in bathrooms.

2022 kitchen and bathroom trends


Designers are using a combination of indoor lighting fixtures and natural outdoor lighting for kitchens and bathrooms in 2022. In a post-pandemic world, many homeowners are looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside as much as possible, including bringing more light in. There’s a growing desire for bigger windows to bring in more natural light, even in smaller bathroom spaces.

Indoor lighting fixtures have taken on a more classic look with unlacquered brass and shiny finishes like polished nickel and chrome. Bronze and black have been popular in the past, but in 2022 polished gold and copper will become more popular. Because homeowners are seeking out more vintage looks for their homes, these new fixture trends bring a timeless elegance to any home.


Like 2022 flooring trends, kitchen backsplashes will also have fewer grout lines and larger tile pieces. Tiles backsplashes will take on glossier looks since glazed tiles are easier to clean and offer a more reflective surface to bring more light into the space. Tiled designs may even extend beyond backsplashes to cover entire walls, such as behind a kitchen sink.

Because the all-white kitchen is going out of style, many designers are looking to incorporate more color into the space by introducing bolder colors on backsplashes and walls. There is also a growing demand for more outlets and USB ports on backsplashes to accommodate more devices and small appliances.

Plants and Décor

As homeowners look to bring more of the outdoors inside, plants and other natural décor are gaining popularity. The growing natural and organic trend driven by millennials calls for styling kitchens and bathrooms with elements such as houseplants, pampas grass, succulents, dried stems, and other live greenery. Incorporating elements from the outdoors is proven to reduce anxiety and stress since it allows you to feel nurtured in a more relaxing space.

Kitchen and bathroom décor will also mirror other 2022 trends in that it will be more vintage-inspired. Homeowners are looking to use softer color palettes paired with boho accessories, wicker furnishings, and materials like macrame to bring character to their spaces.

The use of antique furniture, especially in kitchen and dining areas, has gained popularity because it creates a warmer and more lived-in atmosphere for the home. Farmhouse-style furniture will also be popular in 2022 because of its traditional, worn appearance.

Wallpaper is also making a resurgence in the interior design space in 2022. Vintage prints, including those with bold designs and green and dusty rose hues, seem to be gaining popularity for the new year.

Overall, homeowners want to create a cleaner-looking space in 2022 that allows for more storage and functionality in kitchen and bathroom spaces while still incorporating traditional designs and accessories that will last for many years. Design trends are leaning more toward flexible and easy-to-clean spaces, access to the outdoors, advanced technology in the kitchen and bathroom, and energy efficiency.

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