Incorporating a Stylish Yet Functional Countertop Addition

Anyone who has contemplated a home remodel can bear witness to a nagging question in the back of their head. On occasion, this particular voice can even be louder than the one tabulating what an upgrade might cost. It’s the voice that quietly, yet consistently, wonders if the remodel will stand the test of time.

When it comes to clothing, women flock to the safety and reliability of a little black dress, while men will never miss the mark with some version of a button-down shirt, tie, vest or jacket combo. With jewelry, settings may change but the desirability of a diamond still has not faded. Looking at these cornerstones of clothing and jewelry, is it any wonder that we look for a similar level of reliability and timelessness in the items that we choose for a home remodel of the kitchen or bath?

Creating a Balance between Timeless and Trendy

When it comes to countertops and surfaces, natural stone such as granite, quartz and marble continue to be highly desirable for use throughout the home. Similar to clothing, there are variations from year-to-year in the colors, textures and edging, but there is one edge that continues to garner its fair share of interest and questions — the waterfall countertop.

Picture a large waterfall such as Niagara Falls with water cascading over the sides and you’ll have the general concept of a waterfall counter where natural stone continues over the edge of a set of cabinets and descends to the floor. The look is decidedly striking and is the perfect showcase for a natural stone with beautiful shading or veining.

Also referred to as a riser, the waterfall countertop fits well into a sleek and modern kitchen design or into any layout built around clean expanses. In addition to being beautiful, the simple geometric shape of a waterfall countertop can also be a great way to create a bar area complete with stools for impromptu snacks, shelter the edge of cabinets from spills and splashes, or make a recessed area for extra storage.

Depending on the orientation of the waterfall portion, you could also find yourself with a natural beauty showpiece that becomes a conversation point as much as the stainless steel appliances or beautiful flooring. Protect the stone from the inadvertent bumps of day-to-day living with Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish. Used on a weekly basis, the non-abrasive, non-acidic, and quick-drying polish will fill in tiny imperfections and restore the look of the stone surface through a blend of special emollients and carnauba wax. Just a small amount adds a water-resistant protective coating against spills, etching and wet marks, leaving behind the natural luster and smoothness.

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