How to Choose the Perfect Granite Profile

Congratulations, after what seemed like a million possible choices, you were finally able to find the perfect granite for your bathroom or kitchen. It would seem like the decision-making process should be over but now it’s time to figure out which granite profile best suits your new granite addition. While there aren’t quite as many granite profile options as there are granite colors, the choice of a granite profile can sometimes prove to be an overwhelming choice.

Choosing the “right” granite profile often comes down to the look and feel of the room where the granite addition will be along with the tactile considerations of the edge itself. A granite profile can consist of angular edges, rounded curves or a combination of the two. Another consideration is where the granite piece will be used in the home. High-traffic areas such as bathroom and kitchen counters typically are easier to clean if the granite profile is slightly rounded. As a rule, the more elaborate that a granite edge is in design, the harder it is to clean (a.k.a. more of a crumb catcher), and edges that are more work intensive for a stoneworker to create will also be more expensive.

Granite Profile Primer

Straight Edge – This may also be called an Eased Edge or a Flat Edge and is straight up and down. The corners can be sharp and have the possibility to pose a potential danger for small children and adults.

Ogee Edge – This is a more elaborate edge profile that takes on the shape of the letter S. The rounded double edge is more difficult and time-consuming for a stonemason to produce.

Eased Edge – The granite profile is similar to a straight edge but the sharp edges are smoothly rounded off.

Bevel Edge – This edge has a 45° cut into the edge of the stone. The deeper the cut of the angle, the wider the bevel face. The cut is also available in a 1/2 and ¾ inch bevel.

Full Bullnose – The full bullnose cut is a half-circle rounded shape that leaves no edges to chip.

Half-Bullnose or Roundover Edge – This is a rounded treatment that has a smooth look and feel. This granite profile is a good way to show off the cross section of a piece of granite.

Demi Bullnose – The cut is similar to a half Bullnose in its rounding and can provide the look of a thicker piece of stone.

Dupont Edge or Bird’s Beak – This granite profile is round with a notch cut out at the top, hence the name bird’s beak.

Triple Waterfall or Laminated Edge – The cut is generally a more expensive edging that provides the look of thicker stone through the use of graduated edges.

Chiseled Edge – This granite profile creates a purposefully rustic and unfinished edge with the appearance of a natural piece of granite.

Whew, that’s a lot of options! If you’re in doubt about which granite profile is best for your remodel, talk to your stonemason or contractor about seeing the edging profiles in person. Sometimes seeing and touching the granite edging can make for an easier decision. Once your choice is made, look to protect your granite investment with Rock Doctor Granite Cleaning products such as the Rock Doctor “Natural” Granite & Quartz Cleaner. The “Natural” product is free of bleach, phosphorus or dye and is safe for everyday use on granite, marble, Corian, Limestone, porcelain, quartz and Silestone.

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