Granite Tops Your Kitchen Islands, Carts and Utility Tables Too!

So, you’ve already got gorgeous, durable granite countertops in your kitchen, but you still find yourself constantly running out of workspace. Maybe your kids are getting old enough to take an interest in cooking and you need a little more space so that you can all work in the kitchen at the same time, or maybe you do a lot of entertaining and guests tend to pull a stool up to the kitchen counter to chat while you cook. Maybe you just need a little more space to put out that ice cream machine, Panini grill, or whatever other kitchen gadgets you like to keep on hand.

Whatever the reason, many kitchens today include built-in kitchen islands, while other home gourmets—not to mention folks who may be less at home in the kitchen—turn to kitchen carts and utility tables. Kitchen islands are generally freestanding units—often, but not always, in the middle of the kitchen—that sometimes have space for seating or maybe a built-in bookshelf to hold your cookbooks. (Some kitchen islands even incorporate useful features like hanging pan holders.)

If your kitchen doesn’t have a kitchen island and you’re not yet ready to do a total remodel, there are still options. Kitchen carts and utility tables can stand in for a kitchen island, and have the added benefit of usually being more maneuverable. Since most kitchen carts and utility tables are mounted on casters, you can wheel them in and out of the kitchen, or move them around when you need a little extra space.

Whether your kitchen boasts a built-in island or you’re in the market for a kitchen cart or utility table, adding granite countertops is the way to go. Not only will it help the kitchen island, cart, or utility table match the rest of your kitchen, but it will also increase the durability and utility of your work surface. A granite-topped kitchen island or cart is a great place to roll out dough for cinnamon rolls, carve the Thanksgiving turkey, serve hors d’oeuvres and wine, or even hang out in the kitchen doing homework. Whatever you use your kitchen island or utility table for, granite countertops add beauty, functionality, and durability.

Of course, just like any other surface in your kitchen, the granite countertops on your kitchen island, utility table, or cart will require proper care. The right granite cleaning products can help your granite countertops look (and perform) their best, no matter where they are! So, if you’re ready to spruce up your kitchen island with a granite countertop or add a granite-topped kitchen cart or utility table for more efficient workspace, don’t forget to include Rock Doctor’s line of granite care and granite cleaning products to your shopping cart!

Whether on your regular kitchen countertops or on kitchen islands, carts, and utility tables, granite countertops are a great addition to any kitchen, and cleaning granite countertops is a snap with Rock Doctor’s great line of granite cleaning products, available at fine retail stores including Lowe’s Home Improvement and participating Ace Hardware, Do it Best, Home Depot, and True Value locations.