Granite Surfaces and Countertops Are Perfect for the Office

Granite: No Longer Just for the Banks

We all know that granite is perfect for creating lovely and durable kitchen countertops in your home, but have you ever considered the utility, durability, and beauty of granite in your workplace? Granite is becoming increasingly popular as a solution in the office, for all the same reasons that it has been a longtime favorite in the kitchen. Just imagine how striking a granite-topped reception desk would look in the lobby of your office…

Wood and other soft desk and countertop materials are susceptible to discoloration, rings, warping, scratches, and other damage over time. The durability of granite makes it a perfect choice to add beauty and character to your office for years to come, so long as you take care of it with the proper granite cleaning and polishing products. Granite is one of the hardest surfaces in the world, and yet it also has a natural warmth and versatility that can help tie together almost any office décor.

Matching Brand Colors With Granite

Whether you’re looking for a top for a reception desk at a law firm, financial advisor’s office, or medical office, granite that has been properly sealed is particularly easy to clean and sanitize. So long as you have the right granite cleaning and polishing products on hand, granite is a great choice for modern beauty or old-world charm. And granite isn’t just for reception desks! Many banks have granite flooring, and granite can be a perfect choice for conference tables. Think how easy it would be to clean up spills when they happen!

Plus, with so many colors available, granite cannot be beat when it comes to decorating! Granite colors and patterns can be chosen to accentuate existing décor, or to become the centerpiece of a new decorating theme. Granite can even highlight your company’s colors or logo.

Office Maintenance and Cleaning

Nor is granite only for big companies with a lot of employees. Many people choose granite for their home offices, especially ones where you see clients! When clients come into your home, granite desktops and countertops in your home office can help them to feel at ease and let them know that they’re dealing with someone who takes their work seriously. Even if you don’t usually see clients, a granite desk or countertop is easy to maintain and clean, and can help your home office feel like a “real office” when you sit down to work every day.

If you decide to bring granite countertops, desks, conference tables, or credenzas into your office, you’ll want to make sure that you keep them looking their best by only using the very best in granite cleaning and polishing products. Rock Doctor’s full line of stone care products have been specially formulated to care for granite and any other natural stone surface, and you can find them at fine retail stores like Lowe’s Home Improvement, as well as participating Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Do it Best, and True Value locations.