Granite Provides a Beautiful Choice for a Home Remodel

When it comes to having choices, it’s sometimes hard to know the best place to begin. The option of choice always sounds good, at least until the moment you decide to undertake a home remodel. Then the notion of choice has the potential to bring up a variety of emotions from happiness and fear to being overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. From the potential of too many choices versus too few choices, it’s easy to see how something like picking out the perfect color and grain of a granite countertop, island, sink or shower has the possibility of becoming overwhelming fast. If you don’t believe us, take a look at what a “simple” search for granite turns up on

At Rock Doctor, we prescribe to the idea of going with what you like, because the trends and fluctuation in colors and pattern will always be there. When it comes to choosing granite for your bathroom or kitchen, look for the elements that you already like as well as the color scheme you’ll be using. If you’re looking to coordinate your cabinets with your granite, look for coordinating shades. This might be mean choosing a granite with darker mottling or veining or a background color that’s in a contrasting shade. Another option is to match the color of the cabinets with the color of the veins in the cabinets or back splash.

If you’re searching for more of a timeless appeal, look for granite selections in neutral shades of white, beige or grey. These colors pair well with neutral cabinets and also allow a homeowner to add pops of color through appliances and accessories that can be changed throughout the year. Neutral colors may be better suited to smaller kitchens because darker-colored granite can make a room appear smaller. When it comes time to sell, lighter colors can also have greater appeal to the masses.

For those lucky enough to have a larger-sized kitchen or bathroom with an abundance of natural light, some designers recommend using two or even three shades of granite. One color is used on the perimeter of the kitchen with another color used on the island. The choice of granite in the home can speak to the taste and originality of the homeowner, much like clothing, so when it comes time to protect your granite investment, look to Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish.

The non-abrasive and non-acidic Granite & Quartz Polish formula contains carnauba wax and special emollients designed to fill in the tiny cracks and imperfections that occur through natural use, restoring your granite surface its original smoothness and luster. Use Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish on new and old stone surfaces to provide a water-resistant coating.

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