Go Prehistoric Cooking on Granite Slabs

If you’ve recently finished a kitchen or bath remodel that included the installation of resined granite countertops, you may be blessed to have a sink cut out or piece of resined granite slab lying around the house. Instead of letting this gather dust or letting the fabricator take it away, put it to use as a cooking or baking stone.

The art of cooking on natural stone like granite dates back to prehistoric times, a la The Flintstones, but we guarantee won’t be needing any extra-large slabs to take advantage of this ancient method of cooking and baking. In fact, the size you choose can be directly influenced by what you intend to make using the stone. If you’re planning on cooking individual steaks or a half or whole chicken on a charcoal, wood fire or gas grill you can choose a piece of resined granite as small as 12 inches long and two inches thick.

If you plan to use the resined granite for larger activities such as baking pizzas, pies and breads (especially for entertaining during the holidays), you might consider asking your fabricator if there are any sink or oven cutouts that could be repurposed. These slab sections are generally available at a greatly reduced cost because they are normally of little use to the fabricator. If you are looking for a specific shape or a particular size such as the size of an oven or grill top, inquire if the fabricator can cut or shape the piece to your specifications.

Once you are in possession of one of the durable resined granite slabs, the sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities, and the internet is filled with blogs sharing recipes and tips for cooking and baking on resined granite. Although the natural stone is quite durable, it is important to always slowly heat the stone before use to avoid any large temperature fluctuations within the stone. Some also recommend applying a light coat of oil to season the stone before the initial use. Once heated, the stone will retain heat for an extended time, allowing for accelerated cooking times once it’s hot as well as the ability to retain heat, keeping food warm long after it leaves the oven or grill. Conversely, the stone can be also be chilled to keep cold foods at the proper temperature. A chilled granite slab can make a perfect cheese plate.

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