Go All Out with Decorative Tiles

Throughout the home, tile is well-established as a reliable and thoroughly versatile material. Whether it’s used for adding a pop of color to a kitchen backsplash, lending a classic tone to a fireplace or creating a timeless pattern on a floor, tile continues to garner favor from both decorators and contractors alike.

This year tile makers have ventured beyond the tried and true with some truly innovative decorative tiles that allow homeowners to use tile to get the look of more expensive materials and decorative elements. Decorators are stepping “out of the box” per say with tiles that can brighten up a room with innovative uses of color, shine and texture that might have you second guessing if it’s really tile. Below we’re highlighted some of our favorite tile innovations.


These tiles replicate the look and feel of the Avant Guard or Art Deco time periods. Some tiles mimic the look of natural stone in a variety of colors while others have unusual patterns printed on the clay slabs.


Just like it sounds, Retro tiles offer a flashback to the 1970s with digitally printed tiles that imitate the look of bronze, gold, alabaster and marble. “Far Out” geometric shapes of hexagons, diamonds, circles and zig-zags are also available.


If you’re looking to add a bit of shine and shimmer to your interior, consider a bit of instant glamour with metal and mosaic tiles. The shiny surface of the tile will help to brighten interiors with the reflection of light.


For a sleek look, consider the addition of textured tiles in stainless steel or concrete designs. One of the more popular of the textured styles mimics the look of everything from aged wood barrels to planks of traditional pine, oak and cherry wood.


If you’re looking to copy the feel of an in-house art installation, consider tiles with elements of graphic design or contemporary street art. One glance and you’ll see that these tiles are about as far away from basic tile as you can get. Consider this as a less-is-more application and concentrate it in one space such as an accent wall.

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