Decorative Kitchen Tiles for the Heart of Your Home

Kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes. Far more than just a space for cooking and eating—the kitchen is truly where the action is. When people gather, it’s often in the kitchen, standing around chatting, pouring drinks, preparing snacks or meals, or nibbling off the ones that are already in preparation. It’s where families get together on Saturday mornings, and where guests come when you’re entertaining. So decorating the kitchen is an important part of any home décor project.

But kitchen decorating has an added complication: Kitchens have to be incredibly functional, as well as attractive. It doesn’t matter how good your kitchen looks, you want to be able to use it, too. That’s why decorating kitchens with tile has become extremely popular, especially tile backsplashes, which have been called “the best decoration for kitchens.” Why is that? Tile gives you a lot of options when it comes to decorating your kitchen space, but they’re also versatile and functional.

Tile backsplashes can protect your kitchen counters, cabinets, and woodwork from water damage and splatters from cooking, while also adding decorative patterns or pops of color to your kitchen décor. With tile backsplashes you can go as wild as you want, or keep it simple. Monochromatic tiles can add a touch of elegance or make a statement, while more neutral tiles can accentuate your kitchen’s existing color scheme, or bring a touch of warmth. Bright, bold colors can give your kitchen character without a lot of work. Some people even create mosaic patterns or landscapes with their backsplashes, to give their kitchen a more exotic feel. Plus, tile is durable, and easy to wipe clean, at least most of the time.

Of course, you can’t clean tile the same way you might clean a countertop or other surface. Most stains will just wipe right off it with some water, but with tile you get grout, and anybody who’s ever had a bathroom can tell you that grout is no fun to clean. Or at least, it isn’t if you try to clean it the wrong way. Fortunately, the right cleaner can make cleaning tile and grout a breeze.

In addition to our line of products for cleaning granite and other stone, Rock Doctor also makes a “natural” tile and grout cleaner. One that knocks out mold and mildew, as well as hard-to-clean grease, dirt, oil, and soap scum, restoring the color and appearance of tile and grout without a lot of scrubbing or repeated applications. It’s safe on colored grout, as well as both glazed and unglazed tile. You can use it on ceramic and porcelain tile, and even on natural stone and granite. So if you’ve decided to decorate your kitchen with tile, then invest in some Rock Doctor tile and grout cleaner, and keep it looking its best for years to come!

This article was brought to you by Rock Doctor, which offers a line of specially-formulated stone cleaner, stone polish, and stone sealer products. Rock Doctor stone care products can be purchased through a number of fine retail stores, including Wal-Mart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware, Do it Best Hardware, Hy-Vee, and Wegmans.