Dazzle Your Holiday Guests with Sparkling Countertops

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The tree is wrapped in lights and laden with tinsel. The front yard has been taken over by inflatable reindeer. And in the kitchen, you’re nearing the end of a cooking marathon with just minutes to go before your holiday party guests begin to arrive. The room smells delicious, but your granite countertop looks like a disaster zone. Fortunately, a quick wipe down and a dose of marble polish can serve not only to erase all signs of dinner preparation, but also to restore your stone countertops to like-new condition just in time for a night of festivities.

Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish—which may also be used on marble and other surfaces comprised of sealed, natural rock—is non-abrasive, acid-free, and fast-drying, which means you can transform your countertops from unsightly to sparkling in mere minutes. To use, simply wipe off large messes, clean the area with Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner, then apply the Granite & Quartz Polish sparingly. Spread polish over the surface in a circular motion, allow it to dry to a dull finish, then buff your stone to a glittering shine!

Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish not only enhances the colors of your stone surface to bring out its natural beauty, but also restores dull and damaged areas by filling imperfections and small cracks with carnauba wax and emollients. In other words, no matter how many years your countertops have been in place, be prepared to entertain your holiday guests’ compliments on your “newly acquired” kitchen surfaces.

This product also means less work for you both during and after your holiday extravaganza. Are you tired of reminding your guests to use a coaster for iced drinks? Will that certain guest who is prone to spills after one too many cups of eggnog be in attendance this year? How about the great aunt who, season and after season, likes to play bartender, leaving your counters covered in acidic soda and citrus juices?

Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish helps to protect your natural stone surfaces from these and other dangers. It contains a water-resistant coating that—especially when used on a weekly basis—can help prevent staining from inevitable spills, etching caused by acidic substances and kitchen tools, and stubborn glass rings left by unattended iced drinks. Moreover, because Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish comes in an aerosol canister, full-coverage application is a breeze.

This holiday season, focus on the party, and allow Rock Doctor to do the prep work and cleanup. With a combination of Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner and Granite & Quartz Polish, you can transform your kitchen counters and more—including stone sinks, vanities, and tabletops—into dazzling surfaces whose sparkling shine rivals that of your holiday light display.

This article was brought to you by Rock Doctor, which offers a line of specially-formulated stone cleaner, stone polish, and stone sealer products. Rock Doctor stone care products can be purchased through a number of fine retail stores, including Wal-Mart, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware, Do it Best Hardware, Hy-Vee, and Wegmans.