Avillano Marble Care Guide

Avillano marble is known for its creamy texture and luxurious style. When homeowners see Avillano marble, it can remind them of marble used in ancient times due to the warm tones associated with this marble. When it comes to caring for Avillano marble, many homeowners might start to get a little nervous. Properly caring for marble isn’t always easy. Here is Rock Doctor’s advice for caring for marble.

Keep the Marble Clean

It seems obvious, but keeping your marble clean is the best way to prevent damage. Spills are bound to happen, but you can protect your marble by wiping up anything that has been spilled as soon as possible. Try to prevent dust build-up by using a microfiber cloth to remove dust particles on a daily basis.

Marble care also includes daily cleaning with a marble-safe cleaner. Not all cleaning products at the store are going to be appropriate for marble surfaces. Natural stone or marble-specific cleaners are the best. Rock Doctor’s Granite and Quartz Cleaner is made to clean a variety of natural stone types, including marble. This cleaner is formulated without harsh, abrasive chemicals that could etch the surface of your marble countertops, floors, backsplashes, or other surfaces. Products that contain ammonia or citric acid can be especially harmful to your beautiful marble surfaces.

If your stone happens to get stained, you should attempt to get rid of the stains and then reseal the stone. Stains are a very good indication that your stone is in need of a new layer of sealer.

To remove oil stains, you can use a combination of baking soda and acetone to create a thick paste that you can leave on top of the stain for 24 hours. Organic stains can usually be removed by leaving a paper towel soaked in bleach over the stain for 24 hours.

Keep the Marble Sealed

Marble damage is most often caused by a damaged seal. The seal that goes over your Avillano marble is meant to be a barrier that protects the stone from moisture. This sealant is necessary for all porous stone surfaces. A stone sealant such as Rock Doctor Granite and Stone Sealer is the best way to keep your stone protected from moisture, scratches, etching, and other types of damage.

When your marble is first installed, it will be sealed by the company that puts it in. However, the sealer will need to be reapplied every six to 12 months. The frequency of sealing will depend on how much you interact with your marble surfaces and how much of a mess you make on the surface of the stone.

Keep the Marble Polished

The polish used on stone surfaces like marble is responsible for the sheen that we are all used to seeing on marble countertops and floors. Rock Doctor Granite and Quartz Polish is made with emollients and carnauba wax to add shine to the surface of the stone as well as further protect the marble. These special ingredients fill in tiny cracks in the surface of the stone as well.

Polished marble will shine and glisten in the light. If you notice that you have dull spots on your countertops, it might be time to re-polish your marble. It is important to make note that you shouldn’t use this type of polish on marble floors.

The key to keeping marble surfaces looking great for decades is proper care. When you treat your marble well, it will last for a long time. To learn more about Rock Doctor stone care products, give us a call today at 1-866-275-3536.