4 Tips to Care for Marble Flooring

Marble tile is a popular option for flooring in high-end homes. Unlike other types of tile, marble tile requires some special care, even more so than wood and carpet. As a homeowner, it is important to know how to properly maintain and care for marble flooring to keep it in its best condition. At Rock Doctor, we want to make sure that marble flooring last for decades, even centuries, to come. Here are our top four tips for caring for marble tile flooring.

1.     Use Marble-Safe Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are appropriate for marble or other stone surfaces. When you have marble flooring, it is very important that you are using a cleaning product that won’t damage marble. One of the biggest culprits for marble damage is acid.

Acidic cleaning products can react to the calcium carbonate in your marble. This reaction causes the acid to eat away at the marble. You need a cleaning product that is acid-free. Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner is an acid-free cleaner that is completely safe for use on marble and any other natural stone tile.

Mopping with a stone-safe cleaner should be done frequently to prevent grime and dirt from accumulating on the stone. Over time, dirt can lead to etching and scratching on the surface of the stone as the debris gets ground into the stone by feet and shoes.

2.     Clean Up Spills Right Away

While marble is a hard stone, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t delicate. Marble contains pores, which makes it vulnerable to spills. If you happen to have something spill on your marble tile floors, you will want to make sure that you get the spill wiped up right away to prevent the liquid from staining the stone.

3.     Sweep and Mop

Sweeping and mopping your marble floor on a regular basis is a good way to prevent scratches on your tile. Marble can be scratched when debris, dirt, and sand get dragged into your home. Using a dry mop, you can remove dirt and sand from your marble floors without scratching the surface of the stone. Use a mop that is untreated so that you aren’t spreading oil around your marble floors because that can make them slippery and dangerous. Be sure that you run the mop in a single direction instead of back and forth to prevent scratching the marble. We recommend dry mopping the floor once weekly per person or pet in the home.

You can also help prevent debris and dirt from being brought into your home by putting doormats outside the entrances to your home.

Don’t use a vacuum on marble flooring, because you may cause scratches to the surface of the stone. Scrubbing brushes are also not appropriate for use on marble. Instead, use soft cloths when you clean your marble floors.

4.     Seal the Stone

Marble is porous and needs to be sealed to prevent moisture damage. Sealing your marble can prevent stains, and the process is so easy that you won’t even mind doing it once a year or so. Use Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer to make sure that your marble floors are safe from any moisture that might end up on the surface of the stone.

Before you seal your marble floors, be sure that they are dust-free and clean. Once you have sealed the stone, be sure that you give the sealer time to cure before walking on the marble.

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