4 Tips for Cleaning When Moving

Moving can be an exciting part of the next stage of your life. It’s important to put effort into making the house you’re selling as presentable as possible. The better shape you leave the house in, the fewer reasons buyers have to negotiate the price downwards. Here’s a list of some of the most effective tips for cleaning when moving.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

When prospective buyers are looking through your home, the kitchen is one place where people are the most critical. Your stone countertop is a very noticeable space in the kitchen, so make sure you’re properly cleaning it to give it a new shine. Familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of cleaning stone countertops.

Your refrigerator also probably has all sorts of gunk built up on the inside, so by thoroughly cleaning it, you can help it look as good as new. After you do that, clean the outside of the fridge and move on to the microwave and oven area. Clean the insides and outsides, removing any chunks or stains.

You might have to put more work into the oven if there is a lot of grease and burnt food stuck on the inside. While cleaning it, be safe with the chemicals that you are using by opening windows and turning on the stove vents. Once you have finished with that, you can clean the sink, floors, and cabinets.

Sanitize the Bathrooms

The bathroom should look brand new when buyers come to look at the house. Clean in and around the toilet, getting to all the tough-to-reach spots. It can get quite dusty behind the toilet if you don’t clean it regularly, so be certain that no spot is unaccounted for. Tidy up the cabinets above and below the sink, removing any personal items. Check for any cobwebs in the areas underneath the sink and in the corners of the room.

Sometimes years of using the sink can cause buildups, eventually clogging the sink. Because of this, you’ll want to get some cleaning supplies to clear out anything potentially blocking the system. This might be necessary for the shower drain as well. Once that’s done, do a final pass of scrubbing and rinsing the shower.

cleaning tips when moving

Tidy Up the Basement

The basement is one area that often gets filled with clutter over time. This can be a turnoff for buyers during showings, so declutter any loose boxes, trash, and miscellaneous items. Your goal should be to have a basement that is completely cleared of everything, with swept and mopped floors.

If the floor material is made of something other than concrete, make sure you’re using the right cleaning products to avoid damage. For example, limestone floors need to be treated properly to keep the stone’s surface looking well-kept for years to come.

Your basement has the potential to increase the value of your home. If you’ve recently finished it, you’ll be able to set a higher price. Follow the same cleaning advice as above for any stone countertops in the downstairs bathrooms or the bar, if you have one.

While finishing your basement will increase the value of your home, it also comes with a hefty price tag. If you didn’t pay for it outright you could consider consolidating your loan debt with your new mortgage to keep all of your housing-related debts organized on one payment track. Once you do that, you’ll be able to focus on the responsibilities associated with moving into your new home.

Polish Hardwood Floors

Homeowners love wood floors because they are easy to clean. Leave the hardwood floors with a brand-new look by using the correct cleaning methods. Some types of wood require different types of care so make sure you’re using products that will keep the wood in good shape for years. A hardwood floor that looks dull and scratched can be transformed with a deep clean and polish. Putting in the work will make those floors one of the most positively noticeable parts of the house.

After you’ve cleaned all of the main rooms in the house, all you have left to do is to go through the other rooms like the bedroom, dining room, and living room. Wash any carpets and remove stains if possible. Check every corner for cobwebs on the walls, and if any of the walls have scratches or marks, consider applying a fresh coat of paint.

Once you feel confident the house is fully cleaned, do a walkthrough of the house, checking for any details you might’ve missed. Reopen cabinets and closets to make sure you’ve removed all of your items. In between showings, go back inside and clean up shoe marks, do some sweeping, and re-dust surfaces to keep up appearances.