2020 Kitchen Design Trends

As a new decade rolls in, it is time to see what lies ahead in the realm of kitchen trends. Kitchen design trends change so rapidly, so what will 2020 bring?

Two-Tone Cabinets

Having two different shades of cabinetry is a popular new way to create a unique look in kitchens. Contrasting cabinets immediately create interest, and the look is super easy to achieve, even with a strict budget. A popular contrasting option is white with gray. Upper cabinets are usually the lighter color, while the darker color is used on lower cabinets and islands.

Matching Countertops and Backsplashes

Create a seamless look in your kitchen by using the same countertop material for your backsplash. This creates a streamlined look throughout the kitchen that is clean and contemporary. To ensure that your counters and backsplashes hold up, it is a good idea to choose a durable material. Marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, and limestone are all options that you use.

Slab Backsplashes

Slab backsplashes are a newer stone backsplash idea that is taking over 2020. Much like the matching countertop and backsplash trend, these stone backsplashes aren’t created from small tiles. Instead, large pieces of stone are placed on the wall just like they are on your countertops.

Slab backsplashes provide a seamless look around the countertops. The continuous material might have seams, but a professional can try to make the few large pieces used blend together really well. Having a slab backsplash is very eye-catching, so you will likely get asked about this unique option all of the time should you choose to implement it into your kitchen.

Pops of Color

Unexpected color in a kitchen creates a focal point. If you have a color that you love, you can incorporate it into your kitchen to make the space feel more fun. You can even have appliances and cabinets made in this color to give your kitchen a custom-made feel.

If this trend catches your fancy, you will need to decide how permanent you want this pop of color to be. For example, walls can easily be repainted without much hassle. However, custom colored appliances are a pricey change later on if you decide to change up your kitchen.

Double Islands

One of the more unique trends on this list is the double island. Double islands help with function and traffic flow in one of the most traveled rooms in most houses. Many homeowners use their double islands to create a serving or gathering area as well as a preparation area.

Double islands continue to get more popular as larger kitchens pop up in homes with more open floorplans. If you have a large kitchen that looks empty, double islands can make it look homier without sacrificing function.

Open Shelving

Do you have kitchen pieces that you want to show off? There is no easier way to showcases these pieces than with open shelving. Open shelves are popular for displaying antique cookware pieces, gilded vintage glasses, copper pots and pans, and brightly colored dishes. You can also use open shelves to place decorations in your kitchen without taking up valuable countertop space.

Trends on the Outs in 2020

While we will see a lot of new trends coming in 2020, there are also a lot of past trends that are starting to die out. These include:

  • All-white kitchens: Homeowners are looking to add more personality into their kitchens. Colors, wood tones, and new textures are being introduced to white kitchens to keep the clean, bright look without being boring.
  • Subway tiles: Subway tiles have been overdone in the past few years. Many homeowners are replacing subway tile backsplashes for something a little more interesting, like handmade tiles or slabs of stone.
  • Industrial Statement Lights: These light fixtures are generally oversized and seem heavy. The look is now becoming outdated, and homeowners are opting for something a little lighter and less intrusive.
  • Pot Racks: Most people don’t have a collection of perfect copper pots to proudly display overhead in their kitchen. Since all pot racks really do is collect dust, many people are getting rid of their pot racks (and the associated dust bunnies) and storing their pots in cabinets.

At Rock Doctor, we love seeing beautiful stone countertops continue to be trendy in the United States. Some of these new trends use natural stone in all-new ways, which is also exciting.

To learn more about caring for natural stone, check out our handy guide. For more information, contact us at 913-894-0288.