2020 Bathroom Design Trends

Snazzy, clean bathrooms can be gorgeous to look at and increase the value of your home. Keeping up with bathroom trends isn’t always easy, but there are some great bathroom trends of 2020 that are easy to implement and will immediately bring your bathroom into the new decade.

1.     Accent Walls

Contrast quickly gives a modern feel to any room of the house. Accent walls are moving to the bathroom, and you can choose to highlight a wall to create a focal point. Creating an accent wall behind the vanity or bathtub can really make that area of the room stand out.

Common choices for accent walls include marble, brick, natural stone, wood, mosaic tile, and differing paint color. Some homeowners even choose to have a mural painted on the accent wall. Some homeowners have even used mirrors as an accent wall.

2.     Bold Colors

Neutral colors are great because they match anything and are timeless, but there is a place for color in every room. Painting the walls (or an accent wall) a bright, bold color can instantly give the room a more modern feel. However, you don’t have to paint. Instead, you could have colored sinks or tiles installed. Backsplashes with colorful tile are also popular choices.

Colorful decorations can also add a lot of color in these fairly small spaces. If you have added colored walls or other pieces, make sure that you are using the same color for the decorations or complementary colors.

3.     Modern Light Fixtures

Lighting can make a big difference in small spaces, such as bathrooms. Small chandeliers and hanging bulbs are common fixtures in bathrooms because they add style without crowding the room. Most small light fixtures will cost less than $500, which makes lighting a relatively cheap upgrade option.

Integrated lighting is also a huge trend in 2020. Adding light under counters and behind mirrors will brighten the room without feeling intrusive or taking up a lot of space.

4.     Marble

While marble has been used in bathrooms for a very long time, 2020 is the year of marble. Mable floors, walls, shower walls, vanities, and backsplash tiles are popular choices in bathrooms this year. The luxurious atmosphere that marble creates is appealing for a lot of homeowners. Marble can give a bathroom a spa-like feel, as well.

A sub-trend is unusual marble. Instead of the previously popular Carrera and Calcutta Gold marbles, people are leaning toward unique marblelike Zebrino, Arabascato, and Paonazzo.

5.     Stand-Alone Baths and Sinks

Freestanding bathtubs and sinks create a timeless, classic look. Simple pedestal sinks can add a touch of elegance, and you won’t have to worry about all of your stuff being littered across the countertops, because there isn’t a countertop to put things all over.

Stand-alone bathtubs, including clawfoot tubs, can provide either a classic or modern look depending on the style you go with. Freestanding pieces are often placed near walls, but tubs can be placed in the center of large bathrooms for dramatic effect. Additionally, many homeowners are investing in deep soaking tubs for a more luxurious bath experience.

6.     Waterfall Showers

To create a luxurious, spa-like experience, consider adding a waterfall shower head. These fixtures provide a larger area for water to fall on your head during a shower, which helps people feel warmer while in the shower, because more of the body is covered with water. You can use a waterfall shower head in a stand-alone shower or pair it with a bathtub. When paired with a circular tub, white lighting, and natural stone, it will feel like you have a natural waterfall right there in your own bathroom.

7.     Hidden Toilets

Toilets can be an eyesore, but they are a necessary part of any bathroom. For this reason, many homeowners have decided to hide their toilets in a separate, smaller room inside of the bathroom. Usually, these small toilet rooms match the larger bathroom design, but some homeowners have started treating them like their own rooms and decorating them differently.

8.     Plants

It is easy for a bathroom to be drab or boring. Bring life into your bathroom by placing plants around the room. Small plants can be placed on the countertops or the edge of a built-in tub. Larger floor plants can in areas of the room that are out of the way.

If you love having plants in your home, moving a few to the bathroom might even help them thrive. Lots of plants love the humidity that a bathroom can provide, and the lighting in most bathrooms is low, which can help plants grow.

9.     Travertine

Warmer earth tones are making a comeback, and travertine tiles are the perfect way to transform your bathroom to match this 2020 trend. Travertine and even limestone are warmer than most of the marble and granite surfaces that have popped up in bathrooms across the country over the last couple of decades.

At Rock Doctor, we are all about keeping up with design trends. Since those trends always include natural stones, we also want to make sure that homeowners have products that help keep their natural stone surfaces in the best condition so that they can last for decades.